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Subject: [GM-L] HUTCHINS from Groton & Lancaster, Mass. Records
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 18:05:06 EDT

Subject: Abigail Farnsworth & John Nichols of Groton, MA
Source: Farnsworth Memorial


Abigail Farnsworth, 9th child of Matthias Farnsworth and his wife Mary Farr
of Groton, MA
was born January 17, 1671 at Groton, MA. She married her cousin, John
Hutchins, son of
Nicholas Hutchins and his wife Elizabeth Farr who was a sister to her mother
Nicholas Hutchins</A>
The family of Nicholas Hutchins lived near the homestead of Matthias
Farnsworth and
Nicholas Hutchins and his son John Hutchins formed part of the Farnsworth
Garrison in

The marriage probably took place during the disturbed times when no records
could be
kept, or, if kept, have been destroyed. There is no records of marriages
from 1690 to
1706 at Groton, a period of sixteen years. Butler in his History of Groton
give the
names of John Hutchins' and Abigail Farnsworth's children:

John Hutchins and wife, Abigail Farnsworth had issue:
1. John Hutchins, Jr. b. Oct 13, 1693 [m. Abigail Whitney, Framingham: Torrey]

2. Joshua Hutchins b. Nov 5, 1697; m. July 12, 1722, Sarah Shedd

3. Abigail Hutchins b. Sept. 14, 1698.

4. Elizabeth Hutchins b. Sept. 6, 1700.

5. Benjamin Hutchins b. Aug 17, 1705.

This family probably moved from Groton early as they disappear entirely from
the town
records. There was a sixteen page pamphlet of the Hutchins published in
1885, and Hutchins
are found abundantly in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and other
Source: Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700
Benjamin Hutchins married June 5, 1694, at Haverhill, MA. Sarah Lampry.

David Hutchins who died 1708 m. Mary Lewis b. 1659; m. between 1682 & 1690 at
Kittery, ME.

Enoch Hutchins who died 1698 m. Mary Stevenson b. 1651; m. April 5, 1667 at
Durham, N.H.

Enoch Hutchins who died 1706 m. Hopewell Furbish who m. (2) William Wilson in
1711. Enoch
and Hopewell were married May 12, 1693, Kittery, Maine.

John Hutchins 1604 to 1685/6 & wife Frances who died 1694 were married ca
1637 at Newbury/
Haverhill, MA

John Hutchins who died 1681 m. ? at Wethersfield, CT.

John Hutchins b. 1668 at Groton b. 1693 at Groton m. Abigail Whitney;
Framingham, MA

John Hutchins m. Dec. 25, 1693, at Haverhill, MA Elizabeth Hazeltine.

John Hutchins m. Sarah Page at Haverhill, MA, Nov. 11, 1695

Joseph Hutchins m. Mary Edmunds at Lynn, MA Sept 1, 1657

Joseph Hutchins m. Johana Corliss b. 1650 on Dec. 29, 1669 at Haverhill, MA

Nicholas Hutchins m. (1) Elizabeth Farr April 4, 1666 at Lynn, MA

Nicholas Hutchins m. (2) Mary ___ at Groton, MA

Samuel Hutchins m. Hannah Johnson June 24, 1662 at Andover/Haverhill, MA

Thomas Hutchins & Mary ?; he b. 1669; Boston.

Thomas Hutchins & Sarah Ellis m. Aug 26, 1697 at Marblehead, MA

William Hutchins & Sarah Hardley m. July 1, 1661 at Haverhill, MA

William Hutchins & Elizabeth (Eaton) Grath (or Growth or Groth) who was the
wife of
John Grath; Bradford, MA
Source: Savage Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England

HUTCHINS, or HUTCHINGS, ENOCH, New Hampsh. m. 5 Apr. 1667,
Mary Stevenson, perhaps d. of Thomas of Dover. GEORGE, Cambridge,
freem. Mar. 1638, by w. Jane had Joseph, b. 28 Dec. 1639; Luke, 6
Apr. 1644; Ann, 30 Sept. 1645; and Abiah, 3 Apr. 1648. Perhaps
Barbarie Hutson, wh. by Cambridge rec. d. 14 Feb. 1640, was his d. for
great latitude in spell. this name is seen therein.

JOHN HUTCHINS of Newbury, by w.
Frances had William; Joseph, b. 15 Nov. 1640; Benjamin, 15 May
1641, perhaps an error of a yr. or two; Love, 16 July 1647; Elizabeth and
Samuel; rem. to Haverhill, and d. says Coffin, 1674, aged 70. Love
m. 15 Dec. 1668, Samuel Sherburne of Hampton; and Elizabeth m. 1
Apr. 1656, Thomas Ayer.

JOHN HUTCHINS of Wethersfield, d. 1681, leav.
Sarah, and Ann.

JONATHAN HUTCHINS of Kittery, a youth of 14 yrs. tak.
by the Ind. May 1698. Mather, Magn. VII. 95.

m. 1 Sept. 1657, Mary, d. of William Edmonds of Lynn.

Haverhill,sw. fidel. 28 Nov. 1677, was, perhaps, s. of John.

Lynn, m. 4 Apr. 1666, Elizabeth d. of George Farr, had John, b. 3 June 1668;
and Elizabeth 15 June 1670.

RICHARD HUTCHINS req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630,
and so may be thought to have come in the fleet with Winthrop but as we know
not of his taking the oath it is prob. he either d. soon, or went home the

SAMUEL HUTCHINS of Haverhill, perhaps s. of John of the same, m. at Andover,
24 June 1662, Hannah Johnson, was one of the first reps. under
the new chart. of 1692.

SAMUEL HUTCHINS of Kittery, tak. by the Ind. May 1698.

WILLIAM HUTCHINS of Rowley 1666, perhaps the eldest s. of John, and br. of
m. 1 Sept. 1657, Mary, d. of William Edmunds of Lynn, was freem.
1682, and perhaps is he wh. m. 30 Apr. 1685, Elizabeth Growth, who may
have been wid. of John. Six of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at
N. E. coll.
Source: Birth, Marriage, and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of
Lancaster, MA
by Henry S. Nourse, 1890

Joseph Hutchins married Elizabeth Wilder between 1707 & 1712.

p. 17
Benjamin Hutchins, a soldier of Marlborough, MA was killed July 31, 1704 in
the assault on Lancaster, MA by the French & Indians.

p. 271 Records of the First Church of Lancaster, 1708 to 1847 - Those members
added to
the Church of Christ (First Church) of Lancaster:

Among the first members of the First Church (p.270) was Joseph Hutchins. [no

Elizabeth Hutchins became a member on Aug 30th 1712/13.

June 15, 1820, Mr. Isaac Hutchins of Leominster was married before Josiah
Flagg, Esq.
to Lucinda Floyd of Lancaster.

May 8, 1838 Joseph Hutchins of Charlestown, MA was married by Rev. Levi M.
Powers of Bolton,
MA, to Miss Mary J. Taylor of Lancaster, MA.
Source: Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel A. Green, Vols I, II, III & IV

Vol I 1887
Chapter XIII
July 12th 1722, Joshua Hutchins was married to Sarah Shead (Shedd), both of

Vol I 1887
Chapter X
July 12, 1721/2 Joshus Hutchins m. Sarah Shead, both of Groton.

Vol II 1890
Nicholas Hutchins, brother-in-law to John Farr shall have a pair of oxen of
John Farr's
at present and to be wintered by ye hay of John Farr if there be hay enough
to winter ye
whole stock, but if not, when what is, is spent, ye said Nicholas Hutchins is
to provide
hay at his own cost & he is also to discount fifty shillings which was given
his wife
by their father's will. [Will of John Farr of Lynn, Mass.]

Vol II 1890
March 24, 1852, Thomas Hutchins appointed Justice of the Peace at Groton,
p.33 - Colonel Needham in 1890 was the senior survivor of the List of Justice
of the Peace
at Groton (p.29 to p.33) having been appointed more than 38 years ago. After
him comes
Thomas Hutchins, a nonagenarian.

Vol II 1890
Thomas Hutchins, a native of Carlisle, Mass., and for many years a resident
of Groton,
died at West Acton, Mass., on October 8, 1889 aged 92 years.

Vol IV 1899
p. 268
Clara Lillian Hutchins and Mary Louise Hutchins, grandaughters of Samuel
Williams, were
both students of Chicopee School and graduates of the Lawrence Academy; they
taught schools
in Groton, then soon entered a printing office as proof-readers, in
Cambridge, MA where they
now reside [no dates given].

Vol III 1893

Dr. Isaiah Hutchins was the son of Thomas and Abigail (Spaulding) Hutchins
and born at
Westford, MA on September 23, 1829. His father lived for many years on the
Sullivan place at Groton, situated on the Lowell road, perhaps three quarters
of a mile
from the First Parish Meeting-house. He attended school at Groton Academy
and graduated
at the Worcester Medical Institution on June 23, 1852. Dr. Hutchins began
the practice of
his profession at West Acton where he still resided in 1893.

On November 25, 1852, he married Sarah Augusta Fuller, dau of Alden and Sarah
Fuller of Acton, MA, and they had by adoption, one child named George Young
Hutchins. In
the year 1864 he became a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and in
1867 was one
of its Councillors.

During the war of the Rebellion he served in the Sixth Regiment, Mass.
Volunteer Militia,
in their nine months' campaign. He was a Corporal of Company E, and mustered
in on Aug.
31, 1862; and on March 4, 1863, was appointed Hospital Steward of the
regiment, in which
capacity he served until the regiment was mustered out, on June 3, 1863,
after the ex-
piration of their term of service. During the next year, when the same
regiment went out
for one hundred days, he was commissioned as Second Lieutenant and served in
Company E
from July 18th to October 27, 1864.
Subject: Phineas Hutchins
Source: History of Charlestown, New Hampshire by Rev. Henry S. Saunderson
Phineas Hutchins son of Phineas Hutchins and his wife Abigail.
He was born July 6, 1774; m. March 15, 1796, Lydia Willard dau of Marcian and
(Farwell) Willard. Their children:

1. Louisa Hutchins b. May 6, 1796; died Oct 23, 1797
2. Florinda Hutchins b. April 29, 1797
3. Matilda Hutchins b. May 27, 1798
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

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