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From: Ian Mann <>
Subject: [MORAY] Ogilvie - Wilson census 1881
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 09:29:47 -0600

Posted on: Banffshire Scotland Queries
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Surname: Mann, Rankin, Allan, Russell, Wilson

seeking information on any of the following.

First of all, the Manns.
In 1851, Wright's Close, Banff Bk 3 no.78

Elspet MANN head widow 35 pauper gardener's widow born Boyndie
James son 8 scholar born Banff
Francis son 6 scholar born Banff
Sarah dau 2 born Banff
Elspet WILSON mother mar 74 mason's wife born Fordyce
Elizabeth OGILVIE sister mar 32 Hostelry wife born Boyndie
Elizabeth OGILVIE niece 8 hostelry dau scholar born Fordyce
Mary Ann OGILVIE niece 3 born Banff

I searched for this family in 1861 and they were in High St, Banff Bk 1
Elsie MANN head widow 45 washerwoman born Banff
James son 18 confectioner's app. born Banff
Sarah dau 12 scholar born Banff
Jane RUSSEL boarder 6 scholar born Alvah
Margaret ROBERTSON boarder 2 born Banff.

You will notice a discrepancy in the place of birth of Elsie/Elspet. That
is quite common in the censuses as the enumerator's weren't too careful
their ditto signs!

I found Francis at Upper Wanford, Alvah Bk 1 pg 11 aged 16 ag. lab. born
Banff. Possibly there was some family connection with Alvah as Jane Russel
from there was boarding with Francis's mother.


1851 High St, Macduff Bk 1 pg 25

John RUSSELL 41 carter born Keith
Janet wife 43 born Marnoch
David son 12 app. tailor born Gamrie
Mary dau 10 scholar born Gamrie
Margaret dau 6 born Gamrie
John son 1 born Gamrie
Janet RUEPERT? servant 14 born Alvah

1861 High St, Macduff Bk 2 pg 24

John RUSSELL 51 mail contractor born Keith
Janet HAY wife 52 born Marnoch
Mary STABLES mother widow 84 farmer's widow born Keith
David son 22 tailor born Gamrie
Mary dau 20 dom. serv. born Gamrie
Margaret dau 17 dom. serv. born Gamrie
Janet RUSSELL niece 17 dom. serv. born Drumblade ABD
William RUSSELL nephew 14 scholar born Gartly ABD

1841 Shore St, Macduff Bk 2 pg 5

John RUSSELL 30 carter & ag. lab.
Helen 30
William 5
David 2
Mary 6mth.

It seems as if John had married twice and the three eldest children were
from this marriage. Then there is a gap between Mary and Margaret when
could have remarried after his first wife died. You might have some sorting
out to do here!

RANKIN family

Old Market Place, Banff 1851 Bk 5 No. 90

William RANKIN 42 Chelsea Pensioner born Gamrie
Mary wife 25 born Valetta Malta
Jane dau 6 scholar born Valetta Malta
Henrietta dau 3 born at sea
John son 1 born Banff

I have not been able to find this family anywhere in 1861 except for
Henrietta who is aged 13 and a domestic servant with an elderly Miss
Sinclair in Old Market Place, Banff. I have checked Macduff, Gamrie, Alvah,
Keith and Boyndie so perhaps the whole family moved to Elgin by then. You
might have to look into army records to trace William further. There were
number of Rankin families in Gamrie, in fact more there than in other
surrounding parishes and they were there from at least 1704 when the Old
Parish Record begins.

There is a William RANKIN born to James RANKIN in Middletown and Mary JOASS
7th Sept. 1807. Witnesses were William RANKIN and William KILLAH in
Middletown. There was a query about James RANKIN and Mary Joass on the
MORAY rootsweb list last week but I didn't keep the email address. It might
be a good idea to join that mailing list ,com It
covers Banffshire as well as Moray.

ALLAN family.

As Margaret wasn't born until 1857, I started with the 1861 census.

Wellington Tce, Keith Bk 4 pg 4

George ALLAN 33 blacksmith born Keith
Jane wife 37 born Boharm MOR
Helen dau 12 scholar born Keith
George son 9 scholar born Keith
Jane dau 6 scholar born Keith
Margaret dau 4 born Keith
Alexander son 2 born Keith
John ROSS lodger 20 mason born Kilmuir ROC
Farquhar BEATON lodger 28 blacksmith born Inverness-shire

1851 Cross St, Keith Bk 1 pg 10

George ALLAN 23 journeyman blacksmith born Keith
Jane wife 26 born Boharm MOR
Helen dau 2 born Keith

1841 Regent St, Fife-Keith Bk 1 pg 2

George ALLAN 55 independent not born in the parish
Agnes ALLAN 50 born in parish
Isabella ALLAN 20 not born in parish
Helen ALLAN 15 not born in the parish
George ALLAN 13 not born in parish
Margaret STRONACH 18 female servant born in parish

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