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You have surely put together a lot of research on the Parker family.

Since you posted this to the Duplin County, NC mail list, I assume you have reason to believe
descendants of one of these three Richard Parkers made their home in that area.

I see that in one place that ONE Parker family and a DREW family were neighbors, but I did not see a
Letitia Drew.

My interest is in the CARRELLs of Duplin/Sampson County. See below the Revolutionary War record of
Elisha Carroll. It says he married Bathsheba Swann Parker, daughter of Richard PARKER and Letitia

Perhaps this information will be helpful to you, but if you (or others) have any further information
about THIS Richard Parker family would you share that with us? I know nothing about them except
what is in this record. I did notice in one source that in 1669 a Richard Parker was appointed along
with a John Carrell and others to prove the inventory of Edward Yelden in Isle of Wight County, VA.
Some these I of W residents seem to have drifted southwest into Duplin/Sampson Co, NC.

Duplin County, NC - Revolutionary War Military Services, Surnames A-D

This file ©Rootsweb and was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Jerome Tew

CARROLL, Elisha, Private, NC Militia
Soldier had four pay vouchers and is living in Sampson Co. in 1790.
Soldier was an Adult in Duplin Co. NC by 1780 and was in Sampson in
1790 and Duplin by 1810 to 1820. He in 1790 appears to have two sons
and three daughters living in his house. He also is listed in Pierce's
Register for the Wilmington District of NC. He is not listed in any
Sampson or Duplin Co. NC wills. One son Elisha Carroll Jr. is
identified. Soldier is listed as insolvent in 1803 in Duplin Co. NC. He
apparently died in Duplin after 1820. Soldier married Bathsheba Swann
Parker daughter of Richard PARKER another REV WAR patriot and Letitia
DREW. One son Elisha Carroll Jr. is also identified. Soldier was listed
as insolvent in 1803 in Duplin Co. NC. He apparently died in Duplin
after 1820.


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This is very informative information on Three Richard Parker's. Be prepared
to read, it has 90 pages.
If there is anyone who could add to this about James Richard Parker born
January 7, 1805, I would appreciate it. Want to know who his parents and sibling
were. His wife Charity E. Stevens. They are my great great grandparents.


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