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From: Andree MacMillan <>
Subject: Re: [NS-CB-L] research questions
Date: 03 Nov 2002 09:35:06 -0330
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$25/day is already ridiculous and is the reason I have not, nor do I
plan to go to your Village. I would rather spend my time at PANS or at
the Beaton.

I'm sure you will have success with selling CDs though.

Andree MacMillan,
St. John's, NF
> > I have been asked by my committee to sound out the list about a fee
> structure for Roots Cape Breton. Because of anticipated growth and the hope
> of new space, I would like some debate on the fees we charge now, possible
> yearly memberships in Roots with some membership advantages, fees for
> specific searches and publications we may be able to do. Right now our fee
> structure is $5.00 per hour or $25.00 per day for those who are able to come
> to the Village to do research. We also offer printouts of film at $.25 per
> page. Help is available from staff with finding appropriate materials.
> Contracted research is carried out at $20.00 per hour pre-paid. Usually a
> set time period then further if required. Again printouts of original
> material are $.25 per page.
> >
> > If a membership fee was set what would be appropriate? A discount could
> be offered on research, publications; a newsletter with news of new
> aquisitions and publications keeping members informed would be sent out.
> >
> > Would people be interested in CDs of the various census years or births,
> marriages and deaths for Cape Breton? What would people be willing to pay
> for that service? Specialized searchs could also be done like all the
> MacNeil marriages. (There are over 700 with men and women)
> >
> > I realize that on this list you help each other out freely and do a very
> good job finding information and telling others about it. It is the nature
> of genealogy to share information. If we can offer special products and
> still break even it will keep us going.
> >
> > Thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback.
> >
> > Pauline
> >

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