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From: "Lawrence Bergeron" <>
Subject: [NS-CB-L] HELP
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 15:52:54 -0500

I read, with great interest, the work of Tony Mcneil (and a great job he
did) transcription of the 1901 Canadian census.
I did however raise a question in my mind. According to the 1881 census the
settlement of "River Inhabitants" was located in Richmond County. And by
the Transcription of the 1901 census it was in "Inverness County". Now to
clear up the issue was or is there two localities called "River
Inhabitants"? And if so, based on the information listed below which one do
I want to continue my search

My great grand parents, James and Isabelle WHITTY Welch (Welsh) were found
in the 1881 Census living in Richmond County, Nova Scotia. With the
exception of some spelling errors, (They listed " Esabella" instead of
"Isabelle" and "Bollin" instead of "Roland") and one age difference they
are all there. Including my Grandmother, Seddie (Sadie) Beatrice. She is
listed as one year old. I take this to mean that She was born in 1880. This
goes against all of our family oral history, which Indicates that she was
born 15 Oct 1881.

I am hoping that a search of the records at the "Nova Scotia Archives and
Records Management" files in Halifax might turn up her, Seddie (Sadie)
Beatrice Welch (Welsh's,) birth/ baptism record.

The family appears in the FHL CD "1881 Canadian Census" as living in
"River Inhabitants", Richmond, Nova Scotia, District 7, sub district D,
page 42, family 178.

Age origin birth place

James Welsh 39 Irish Nova Scotia

Esabella Welsh 25 Irish Nova Scotia (should be Isabelle)

William James 07 Irish USA

Bolin Alex 03 Irish USA ( should be Roland Alexander)

Sadie Betrice 01 Irish Nova Scotia (should be Seddie/Sadie

Thank you for any help that you can offer

Lawrence Bergeron

4715 Pole Road

Alexandria, VA 22309

--- Genealogy is my passion, not just my hobby

--- Genealogy is my passion, not just my hobby

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