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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 19:32:06 -0800
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Yes, according to genealogist Bill Lawson of Northton, Lewis, that
refers to the Isle of Fuday. He told me that my ancestor who lived
there in 1830 must have been tending sheep, since that was all there was
on Fuday at the time.

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Subject: [NS-CB-L] Barra

Hi listers
While researching my Nicholson ancestors I encountered references to
'Fuadh' as a residence. So far I have been unable to locate this
community on maps of Barra (new or old). Among other things I'm
wondering if it might be an old spelling of Fuday???
Bill Nicholson
Fraser Lake, BC
"Dear Lord, please make me right, for Thou knowest I won't change my

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