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Subject: [NS-CB-L] Early Marriage Bonds Page 2
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 23:01:31 -0400

1817 July 2 - John Bellsworth of Sydney, C.B., Mariner, Bachelor and Mary Lee, Spinster. (James Lee was one of the sureties.
1817 July 20 - James Lee of Sydney, C.B., Mariner, Bachelor and Mary Ann Hall, Spinster..

1817 Nov.7 - Thomas Coupe of C.B. Tavern-keeper, Bachelor and Mary Noel, Widow.

1817 Oct. 28 - Thomas Ettridge (Blank) and Elizabeth McCra (blanck) of Wadamacook, near Margaree, C.B. 1818.

1817 Oct. 28 - John Lewis Ingram of Baddeck (blank) and Mary Crowdis (blank) (Mark Crowdis of Margaree one of sureties) 1818.

1817 Nov.12 - William Willett of Sydney, bachelor, and Mary Neavin, Spinster, 1818.

1819 Oct.1 - John Ross of Margaree, Cape Breton Island (blank) and Mary McLean (blank)

1819 Nov.11 - Mike Murphy of Cape Breton Island (blank) and Mary Dillon. (blank)

1819 Dec.3 - Moses Gallong of the Island of Cape Breton, Mariner, Bachelor, and Sarah Bourke, Spinster.

1822 July 4 - Samuel Embree, late of Canso, fisherman, widower and Catherine Fleet, spinster.

1824 Jan.28 - Charles Martell of Main a-dieu, County of Cape Breton, (blank) and Ester Spencer of Miray (Mira) River, Cape Breton Co., Spinster.

1824 Mar.26 - Peter Ellison of Sydney, Cape Breton, Mariner, bachelor and Nancy Gill, spinster.

1824 Apr.22 - James Copping (Coppen) of Sydney, Cape Breton County, yeoman, (blank) and Catherine Macphee, spinster.

1824 Oct.14 - Peter Poole of H.M. 60th Regiment of Foot, Bugler, bachelor and Jessie Young, spinster, (Permission for Bugler Peter Poole of Capt. Adairs Co. to Jessie Young, was dated St. John's, Newfoundland 25 June 1824.

1824 Oct.14 - Charles R. Ward, Sydney, Cape Breton, Esq. Bachelor and Eliza Julia Dumaresq, spinster.

1824 Nov.17 - William Owen of Sydney, Cape Breton, yeoman (blank) and Elizabeth Martin, Sydney, Cape Breton, spinster.

1825 Feb.28 - John Warden Benn of Sydney, (blank) and Caroline Louisa Dodd (blank) (J.W.Benn; Thomas Samuel Benn of Sydney, Esqs.)

1825 May 9 - John Harris of Cape North, Cape Breton, yeoman (blank) and Lucy Burnet, spinster, of Cape North. (John Haris)

1825 June 8 - John Lundquist (George Lundquist) of Sydney, mariner, (blank) and Susan Boutilier of Sydney, spinster. (Geo. Lundquist, John David Boutilier, farmer of Sydney and Henry Joseph Boutilier, farmer of Sydney.)

1825 Dec.1 - John Dunlop (blank) and Jane Ross, widow. (John Dunlop)

1825 Dec.1 - Fred Sydney Crawley, gentleman, (blank) and Matilda Helen Bown of Sydney, spinster. (Fred Sydney Crawley and Thomas Crawley fo Sydney, Esq. and Henry William Crawley of Sydney, Gentlemen.

1826 Oct.13 - John Storey of Halifax, ship carpenter, bachelor and Caroline Marshall, spinster. (John Storey signed)

1827 Aug.15 - Henry Sellon (blank) and Eliza Rachel LeCras (Blank). John LeCras and Andrew William Sellon of St. George's Church, Sydney, C.B. signed bond.

1835 Jan.10 - Frederick Fredericks, cooper, bachelor, and Sarah Gorman, spinster.

1835 Feb.4 - James McDonald of St. Mary's Lower District of Sydney, Cape Breton County, shoemaker, (blank) and Mary Chisholm of East River, Pictou Co., widow.

1835 Sept.21 - John Stewart of Cape Breton, Taveling Missionary, bachelor and Alicia Murray Drysdale, spinster.

1841 Nov.28 - Isaac Roberts of Sydney, Cape Breton County, mariner, bachelor, and Sarah Figgins, spinster. (Liscense directed to REv. Crosscomb at Halifax.)

1843 Sept.4 - Angus MacLean of Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, merchant, bachelor and Ann Davis, widow. (Liscence directed to John Martin of Halifax).

1844 Oct.29 - William Nile (? On record) of Richmond County, Cape Breton, farmer, bachelor and Isabella Sutherland, spinster. ( co-signed by Hugh Sutherland, farmer of Caribou, Pictou Co.

1845 June 11 - I.D. Parkinson of Sydney, Cape Breton, bachelor, and Mary Anne Eliza Roach of Halifax. (William H. Roach Edq., Halifax, also signed Bond. Thomas B. Akins witnessed signature of John I.S. Parkinson).

1848 May19 - Patrick Murphy of Arichat, Richmond Co. cooper, widower, and Mary Cameron of Halifax, spinster. (liscense directed to Rev. John Martin, Halifax) David Sheppard of Halifax also signed.


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