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Subject: [NS-CB-L] Records by M.R. Johnston 1879 -1925 in Big Pond, C.B page 1
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 23:18:09 -0400

Records kept by Michael R. Johnston from 1879 until his death in 1925 in Big Pond, C.B (The Cape Breton Genealogy Society Newsletter 1987 & The Highlander 1969)
1885 - (Little John) Jonathan MacKinnon, Northside East Bay, and Mary Anne MacNeil

1887 - Jonathan MacIntyre and Katie MacNeil

1888 - A.D. Johnston and Mary Anne MacDonald

R.D. Johnston and Mary Johnston

A.J. MacNeil and Mary MacNeil

Jonathan McInnis and Flora MacKinnon

Sandy MacMullin and Katie D. MacNeil

1889 -Vincent McIntyre and Mary McNeil

John D. McNeil and Mary McMullin

1890 - Angus McMullin and Kate MacKinnon

1894 - Neil Johnston and Kate McInnis

Peter MacLean and Mary Johnston

John R. MacNeil and Mary Jessie MacDonald

James MacNeil ( Red Jim the Bard) and Kate McNeil

1895 - Dan McMullin and Mary McKinnon

Hector McNeil (Middle Cape) and Mary Agnes MacNeil

Angus Morrison (Gillis Lake ) and Mary Anne Campbell

John S. McNeil and Mary McIsaac.

1896 - Joseph MacEachern and Mary Ann McNeil

Michael J. McIsaac and Mary Anne Campbell

Duncan McIsaac and no record of wife maiden name.

1897 - Joseph MacDonald and Maggie McPherson

John J. McKinnon (second marriage) and Elizabeth McInnis (Jim dau.)

Angus MacAskill and Margaret Campbell

1898 - Dan McIsaac (William's son) no mention of the wife's maiden name.

Big John McNeil and Mary Campbell

1899 - Alex McPhee (Eskasoni) and Margaret MacIntosh.

1900 - Michael Murphy, South Bar and Mary Jane MacIntyre.

James Currie, Forks and Lizzie MacNeil

Angus A. McNeil (William's son) and Katie Campbell.

Peter McNeil and Christie McNeil of Grand Narrows.

1901 - R.E.MacDonald and Katie McNeil

Michael McNeil and Catherine McPhee

Michael Campbell, Forks and Annie McKinnon

1902 - M.A. McKinnon and Mary Anne McEachern

Edwin McIntyre and Jane McLellan

Philip McDonald and Mary Ann MacNeil

1903 - Rod McPhee and Annie B. Campbell

Murdock D. McMillan and Flora McPherson

1904 - Alexander McPhee and Christie McDonald

Rory McCormack and Annie McPhee

Martin Campbell and Katie McKenzie

Angus McIntosh and Katie Gillis

1905 - Hector McNeil, Sydney and Annie Nicholson.

Dan Gillis, Ben Eoin and Mary Campbell

Stephen McPhee and Flora McMillan

Tony McPhee and Mary McInnis

Stephen Gillis and Jessie Cash

John R. McDonald and Bella McIsaac

R.S.McNeil and Lizzie McCormack

John James McPherson, councilor, and Mary Anne MacDonald

John McDonald, Irish Cove and Maggie McLaughlin

Joseph J. McNeil and Mary S. MacNeil

1906 - A. McCormack and Flora McKinnon

Charles Newman and Mary Ann McIsaac

Mchael N. McPherson and Sarah Gillis

A. McIsaac and Kate McNeil

Angus J. McNeil and Katie Ann Johnston

1906 - Big Michael McNeil and Margaret R. McNeil

Jack McNeil, Sydney, Joe's son and Maria McNeil

Frank McNeil and Mary Anne McNeil

1907 - Dan R. McNeil and Annie McNeil

1908 - Hugh Gillis and Maggie McIsaac

Dan McLellan and Margaret MacDonald

1909 - Angus Anthony McNeil and Annie McNeil

Alex McIsaac and Annie McPherson

Hugh McLellan and Flora McKinnon

1910 - Michael McIsaac and Jessie McIntyre

Angus M. McIsaac and Mary Lizzie Cameron

John A. McIsaac and Miss McIntyre

James McInnis, Mira and Mary McNeil

Jonathan McNeil and Cecilia McNeil, Jame's dau.


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