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Subject: [NS-CB-L] Records by M.R. Johnston 1879 -1925 in Big Pond, C.B page 2
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 23:18:20 -0400


1911 - Angus Morrison, East Bay and Lizzie McIntyre

Jack McNeil and Miss Riley, Sydney

Mr. MacLeod, first name not given and Kate Johnston

Neil McIsaac and Annie Campbell

F.J. McNeil and Agnes McLellan

Mr. McKinnon, first name not given and Jessie Kennedy

1912 - Dan McDonald and Isabell McIntyre

Peter S. McNeil and Kate McIsaac

1913 - James Lowary, Louisbourg, and Maggie McLellan

Laughlin McNeil and Miss McNeil, first name not given

Martin McInnis and Katie Anne Gillis (parents - Michael McInnis)

Mr. McLellan, first name not given and Mary P. McNeil

1914 - Dan McIntyre, Boisdale and Mary McMullin

John J. McIsaac and Margaret McNeil, Ben Eoin

Murdock McLellan and Christine Smith

1915 - Ronald McDonald and Lizzie Campbell

William McPherson and Annie Gillis, Soldier's Cove

1915 - Mr. Cody and Mary McIntyre (Husband's first name not given)

John McIntyre and Mary McPhee

1916 - Victor McDonald and Mary Jane McNeil

John McDonald, Judique and Annie MacDougall

James Cash and Sarah MacDonald

Joseph J. McKinnon and Katie Anne MacNeil

Frank McDonald and Lizzie Keough

Malcolm McNeil, Little and Mary Ann McNeil

1917 - Michael A. McNeil and Molly Flemming, New Waterford

R.J. Johnston and Llizzie McNeil, Sydney

R.D.McIntyre and Miss McInnis, first name not given

Martin J. McNeil and Christie McNeil

1918 - Peter D. Johnston and Jessie McNeil

Neil McDonald, Blacksmith and Katie McPherson

Michael McNeil, Pier and M. McDonald, Middle Cape

Dan Campbell, Forks and Lizzie Johnston


1878 or 79 - John McNeil ( John's son)

1882 - Mrs. John McNeil; Peter Johnston

1883 - Neil W. McKinnon

1884 - Little Christy McNeil

1885 - Rory MacDonald; Mrs. Rory Johnston; JohnMacNeil (Ban); Annie McNeil (Ban)

1888 - James McInnis (died from effect of a fall over Crooked Bridge at Big Pond)

1889 - Mrs. John McNeil 9 James' son); Mrs. Donald McKinnon; Hector McIntyre

1890 - Mrs. Michael Currie

1892 - Rory McNeil (Rory's son)

1893 - Dougall McDougall

1894 - Hector McKinnon; Stephen McDougall; John S.D.Thompson, Prime Minister of Canada

1895 - Donald Johnston; Stephen M.McNeil; Archie MacDonald; Stephen McCormack (Patrick); Mrs. John J.McKinnon (nee Mary A. McNeil); Mrs. John McLellan.

1896 - Mrs. Hector McKinnon; Mary Ann McKinnon (John Neil's dau.); Mrs. John (Big) McIntyre; Archie McLellan; Rory McIntyre (Allen); Mrs. Angus McNeil, Post.

1897 - Mrs. Angus McNeil (Rory); Mrs. Donald McLean, Loch Lomond Rd.; Donald McLean, Councillor; Catherine McIntyre, Blind.

1898 - Big Hugh McNeil; Anne McIntyre (Allen); John McNeil (James' son); Miss Christy McNeil died in Halifax; Dan McPhee; Mrs. Rory McNeil, Glengarry.

1899 - Kate McDougall; Stephen McNeil (A.R.); Dan McIsaac (M. son); Donald McNeil, East Bay; Red Angus MacDonald; Donald P. Campbell, Red Islands.

1900 - Old Mary McLeod, grandmother of D.N.McNeil; Mrs. Alex McPhee, Eskasoni; Anthony McKinnon; Kate Anne McNeil; Miss Katie Johnston; Miss Kate McKinnon; Archie McIsaac, Big; Malcolm McNeil, teacher.

1901 - Little Michael Gillis, Ben Eoin; Michael McNeil (Sandy); Queen Victoria; Lauchlin Campbell, (Open Pond); Mrs. Mary Anne MacDonald, (Patrick McKinnon's dau.); Peter A. McNeil; Donald Campbell, Rear Big Pond; Mrs. Donald McNeil, (young); Archie McDonald (John Ban's son); Mrs. Angus McIntosh (nee Mary McNeil, Angus).


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