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Subject: [NS-CB-L] Records by M.R. Johnston 1879 -1925 in Big Pond, C.B page 3
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 23:18:26 -0400

1902 - Mary McIntosh, Angus dau.; Donald McNeil, Sarah (Old Road); Big John McLellan; Bessie McPhee; Alex McPhee; Donald R. McNeil; Mrs. Rory McInnis; Margaret McNeil, (Rory Roin's dau);
1903 - Mrs. Michael Currie, East Bay; Mrs. Hugh McNeil, Big; Donald Ban McNeil; Stephen McNeil, Surveyor; Rev. Donald McIsaac; Mrs. Anthony McCormack; Rory McNeil, Glengarry; Peter Angus Campbell; Rory McMillan.

1904 - Dan Rory McNeil; John D. McNeil; Neil R. McPherson

1905 - John Allen McDonald; Michael Currie, Big Bay; Mrs. Big Archie McIsaac; Miss Maggie J. McDonald; Big Mary McNeil; Donald MacDougall.

1906 - Rory McInnis; Donald McIntyre; Mrs. A.J.McNeil; Angus McNeil, (Stephen Angus'son); Stephen McKinnon; Mrs. Michael McNeil, P.M.Glengarry; Stephen McNeil (Angus' son).

1907 - Big Margaret McIsaac; Mrs. Alex McPhee; Mrs. Joseph Campbell, (Mary Eoin Neil); Jonathan Campbell; John Campbell, Big Pond; John S. McNeil; Frank McNeil, Irish Cove (Father Paul's father); Mrs. Angus McIsaac; Mrs. Big Frank McIntyre (died in Reserve Mines; Peggy Ellen, Mrs. McKinnon born Rear Big Pond; Peggy (Murdock) John Sutherland; Murdock MacDougall.

1908 - Maggie A. McIsaac (Big Archie); Joseph R. McNeil, Loch Lomond, (father of Little Johnnie); John Johnston.

1909 - Little Jonathan McPhee; Michael N.McKinnon; Angus McIsaac; Mary ANne McInnis (Age 12); Anthony McNeil; Mrs. Rory McIsaac.

1910 - Francis S. McNeil; Mrs. Murdock McNeil; Murdock McNeil (James); Mary Anne McDonald; Katie Ann McKinnon (Donald Eoiin's dau); Mrs.R.S.McNeil; Miss Lizzie J. McNeil; D.J.McNeil, Glace Bay; J. McNeil (John's son), Glengarry; Neil Johnston, Glengarry (Husband of Kate McInnis); Rev. M/A. McPherson, buried at sea.

1911 - Miss Annie McLean (Big Neil); Peter H. McKinnon, (young); Joseph R.McNeil.

1912 - Donald McDonald; Peggy McDougall; Little Lizzie McLean; Michael McKinnon (Iain Peggy's son); Donald Kennedy; Red Jonathan McNeil; Mr. Stephen McNeil Sr.; Donald D. Johnston, died in Halifax; Rev. Michael McKenzie; Christy McNeil, Red John's sister; Mary Ellen McNeil (Stephen's dau).

1913 - Angus McNeil, Postman, Middle Cape; Big Lizzie McNeil; Neil M. McPherson; Donald Gillis, Ben Eoin; Mrs. M.A. McKinnon; Mrs. Donald R. McNeil; Mrs. Jonathan McPhee, Reserve Mines; John McIsaac.

1914 - Annie Campbell (L. dau); James J. Gillis, Irish Cove; Mrs. John N.McKinnon, Rear Big Pond; Mrs. Donald McNeil, (nee Annie McCormack); Michael J. McKinnon; Ronald McKinnon; Michael Currie; Anthony McKinnon (John's son); Alex Kennedy; Mrs. Michael D. Johnston; Neil S. McNeil, Glengarry East; John Campbell (Darby's son); Big Hector Campbell.

1915 - William McIsaac; Stephen Campbell, East Bay; Mrs. William McIsaac; Mrs. Mike M. McDougall, Sydney; Martin McIntyre; Angus McIsaac, St. Andrew's; Simon Gillis; Michael H. McLellan; Mrs. Neil McNeil; Mrs. John McIsaac; John A. McNeil, (Peter's son); Michael R. McIsaac; John McNeil (Red), grandson of Donald.

1916 - Mrs. Neil McInnis, Canso; Mrs. Kate S. McKinnon, W.N.Mass; Angus McDonald (Donald Martin's son); John S. Johnston; ? Peggy Neil M; Michael A.M.McKinnon, Glengarry; Mrs. Alex McKinnon, Glengarry; Michael McLellan, J.P.

1917 - Donald Cash; Mrs. John McIntyre, New Waterford; Lauchlin McNeil; Red Dan McNeil; Anthony McNeil.

1918 - Joseph A. McCormack, Reserve Mines; Angus J. McIntyre; Angus J. McDonald (Fiddler); Mrs. Donald Cash; Michael McKinnon (Mary Jane's son); James N. Johnston,(son of Catherine McInnis of Glengarry, killed in action on the battlefield in France, 185 Battalion; Catherine McNeil (Sandy).

1919 - Sir Wilfred Laurier; Mrs. Michael McNeil (Red); Big Murdock McNeil, Ben Eoin; Christy McIntyre, Forks; Little Christy McNeil; Neil McNeil, (Ban); Alex McInnis (Cracken); Mrs. Christy Anne McNeil, Glengarry Valley; Malcolm McNeil (Little M.); Mrs. Stephen McNeil (Dr.).

1920 - Mrs. John Johnston; Mrs. Michael McIntosh; Rev. Rory McInnis; Mrs. Jonathan McNeil; Vincent MacIntyre's mother (Campbell)

1921 - Mrs. R.E. McDonald, McKay's Corner; Rev.W.A.MacPherson P.P., Johnstown; Miss Jessie McNeil (Angus the widow's dau.); John J. McKinnon (Peggy Ellen's son).

1925 - Alexander Johnston, age 87; Margaret Johnston age 82; Michael R. Johnston age 71.

1929 - Alexander J. MacNeil, age 84

1934 - Mrs. Little James McInnis of Glengarry, age 94, the former Mary Campbell of Hay Cove.

In 1802, Rory MacNeil, called Ruairidh Breac in Gaelic, who served in the British army, received a grant of land in Big Pond as his reward. His first wife died in Scotland. His second wife was from North Sydney area. It is said he fathered 21 children. Nearly all the people of Scottish ancestry, at Big Pond are believed to be related to Ruairidh Breac, many now living throughout Canada and the United States. Ruairidh Breac died in 1855.

The Scottish Pioneer Families of Big Pond

MacCormack MacLean Currie MacDougall MacDonald MacPhee Johnston MacPherson MacLellan Morrison MacIsaac MacIntyre MacMullin MacKinnon McInnis


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