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From: "liatris" <>
Subject: [NS-CB-L] A Pioneer Platoon, Cape Breton Highlander
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 18:48:59 -0500

Just a story for Remembrance Day from my Dad's autobiography:

In early 1942, I was posted to the demolition section of the pioneer platoon
of my battalion of The Cape Breton Highlanders. In early 1942, we moved to
the south coast. We became part of the defenses that would protect England
if the Nazis tried to invade across the Channel. I had taken courses in
survival, mines, explosives and demolition work. In the early summer of
1942, the army called for volunteers for an operation that was so secret
only a few of the top brass knew anything about the plans. I was one of
those who stepped forward. They took my name. Selection was later. I was
disappointed; I was not one of those chosen.

On 18 August, some of those who had volunteered were listed as killed,
missing or prisoners of war. They served with the Second Canadian Division
at Dieppe. Dieppe was the operation that I had unwittingly volunteered for.

from the autobiography Tom Doucette (deceased April 2002)

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