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Sadie May (Lutsie Currrie) Shaw, a resident of 334 5th St., New
Aberdeen, was born into Eternal Life and Glory, April 18, 1994 following
a lenghty illness.

Sadie was born on May 01, 1919 and expired at Glace Bay General
hospital. Sadie was the daughter of the late Joseph Currie and Sarah
MacIntyre of the Sterling and attended St. Anne's Parish and school and
(the old) Glace Bay High. She was the beloved sister to the late Allie,
Dannie, Peter Currie and Kay Currie (Wadden).

Sadie Shaw was an active and vibrant parishioner of St. John the Baptist
Parish in new Aberdeen. Over the years she led a leading role in the
parish and parish/school development and was for a number of terms
president and vice-president of the Catholic Women's League (C.W.L.) and
she actively took a leading role in the hosting, preparation and
carrying out of the Regional C.W.L. Diocesan Convention at St. John
parish - the first for the Parish. A number of years ago she received a
C.W.L. pin for 25 years of service. She represented the Parish ont only
at the Diocesan C.W.L. conventions but also frequently attended
conventions at the Arch-Diocesan level in Halifax, N.S.

After many years as president, she assumed the roles of secretary and
treasurer and vice-president. She did numerous articles, agendas and
reports on the C.W.L. for the Cape Breton Post and the National C.W.L.
Monthly. She was also equally active and presided for years in
maintaining and recruiting membership for the St. Anne's Sodality. In
this capacity she initiated and collaborated in leading the parish in
evenings of prayer, afternoons of recollection and recital of the Family
Rosary. Following her terms of presiding she was secretary and

She always saw to it that the elderly and sick members were not
forgotten and received cards and special prayers to assure them of the
League's/Sodality's support and love. Sadie not only organized but
jumped right in when it came to cleaning, scrubbing and polishing the
Church and Auditorium for liturgical and social events. She left a
tremendous model of faithfulness, hard work and dedication not only to
her family but also to her collaborators. It was just a natural part of
life for Sadie Shaw to make, purchase and provide clean altar cloths and
clergy/altar boy suplies for her parish - her family. In the late 1940's
and early 1950's, when a family was economically deprived and suffered
the loss of a loved one - especially a child, Sadie was there to help
prepare the body for its final resting and to provide for burial
necessities and support the family.

In later years she assumed an active role in the Ladies Guild and did
plenty of embroidery and sewing works for the various functions over the
years. Sadie will be fondly remembered for her dedicated work and long
hours of cooking and baking for the "Bake Sales" and "Teas" and serving
numerous meals at the various weddings.

Fall Fairs and extensive fund raisers for the Parish and old Parish
Camp. Although tired, she would not leave until she helped wash dishes.
She dedicated with joy, hours of knitting and crocheting articles,
especially in her later years for the various functions along with her
handmade ceramics. She gave untiringly of her talents and organizational
skills and spiritual expertise in her more active years.

For Sadie Shaw the Church knew no boundaries. She was a pioneer in the
start of the Citizens Service League (Town House); clothing depot and
child care. She pioneered with the Warden United Church minister in new
Aberdeen to solicit a room for child daycare. This was done in the
spirit of Ecumenism. She freely gave of her time and talents and
volunteered long hours in the inception of the Citizens Service League,
spearheaded collecting clothing for the poor and food and gathered
faithful women to give of their time to the Day Care/Child Care freely.

She was active in St. Anne's/ St. Michael's home and school and
represented St. John's Parish. For years Sadie was active in the evening
sewing classes at Central School and received diplomas and also she
partook and was successful in the Red Cross First Aid Survival Course
and CPR for which she received a diploma.

As a young lady Sadie (Currie) Shaw studied financial accounting at the
Coady Institute of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish and
worked at the Coady Credit Ynion with the late Mike Cambell. She also
took courses at the St. Francis Xavier University Estension Department
and served her community/world faithfully.

Ailing health over the past few years "forced" Sadie to a more passive
but important role, She gracefully assumed the role of prayer ministry
more intensely and prayed and financially supported her parish family
from her home. She was a professed Third Order Carmelite and partook of
their many Rosary recitals, Masses and special events. Sadie loved to
entertain and share, when she could, her many cooked and baked goods and
enjoy a sing-song around the family piano and enjoyed Sister ellen
Donovan's frequent home "ceilidhs." She enjoyed her card and bingo games
and affiliations with T.O.P.S. and ceramics and her frequent trips and
vacations on the lakes at Ben Eoin. In the hospital Sadie was loved by
all and was recognized as a woman of total yes to all that came her way,
especially this last. She was appreciated and respected as a woman of
giving and acceptance with a smile, a woman of Grace. her life reflected
her love for her God and her fellow companions. She looked forward to
the parish missions.

Sadie was the beloved wife of the late Leonard A. Shaw (who died in
December, 1959) and dear mother of seven children. She was rpredeceased
by sons Sgt. Thomas A. Shaw, Joseph L. Shaw, and an infant at birth. She
is survived by two sons, Sheldon P., vice-principal at Central School,
Leonard F., assistant manager of the N.S. Liquor commission and two
daughters, Ave Marie, a teacher at Breton Education Center, New
Waterford. Ave cared long and lovingly and tenderly for her mother and
with whom Sadie resided and by Sister Mary M. Shaw, A.S.C. (Adorer of
the Precious Blood) - a family therapist in St. Louis, Missouri and who
was blessed to be with her mother these final days. Sadie has one
surving sister, Mrs. Tom Head (Lalie) of the Sterling and six
grandchildren, Leonard, Allan, Shane, Aaron, Kevin and Allan Thomas.
Also two daughters-in-law, Lesley Bond and Betty Dezagiacomo and
sisters-in-law Dorothy Currie and Margie Currie.

Sadie will rest at V.J. McGillivary Funeral Home April 20 when viewing
will be after 7 p.m. and on thursday, 2-4, 7-9 p.m. Funeral Mass for the
late Sadie Shaw will be celebrated at St. John's Church in New Aberdeen,
Friday at 11 a.m. where a mass of Resurrection will be offered by Parish
Pries/Confessor Fr. Jake Andrea. Burial will be with her beloved husband
in the Parish Cemetery.

Join with us in giving hanks to God for such a loving
Wife/Mother/Friend/Parishioner and dedicated citizen and Thanks to
Sadie. May she rest in Peace of the God for whom she unceasingly labred
and loved and enjoy the peace that surpasses all understanding - The
Glory of the Lamb of God, Laus Sanguinis Christi - Praise be the Blood
of christ. May Perpetual Light Shine Upon You Lutsie: EGO SUM

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