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Subject: Re: [NS-CB-L] Barra parish records - partial list
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 01:21:37 -0400
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Hi Bill

The JOHNSTONE name doesn't appear in the Parish records till 1818 when Donald Johstone married Catharien MacNeil. Do you know where the Johnstone's were before they settled in Barra, Scotland?

MARRIAGE: Sept. 20, 1820 - I married this 20th day of September MALCOLM JOHNSTONE of Brebheig to MARY MACDONALD, third daughter to JOHN MACDONALD, of Craigstone, before witnesses. (They were no named) (Rev. Angus MacDonald)
01. MARY, bapt. 25, 1821, Glen, spr. John MacNeil, Rulios. (Rev. A.MacD)
02. MARION bapt, May 21, 1823, Glen, spr. John Campbell, Glen ( Rev. A.MacD)
03. ANN bapt. April 18, 1825, Glen, spr. Neil MacInnis, Langinish. (Rev. A.MacD)
04. DONALD bapt. Nov. 20, 1826, Glen, spr. John Cumming, Kentangabhaill. (Rev. A. MacD)
05. CATHARINE, bapt. Apr. 22, 1830, Glen, spr. John MacMillan, Rulios.
06. CATHARINE, bapt. Sept 9, 1832, Glen, spr. John MacIntyre, Glen
07. MARION, bapt. June 29, 1834, Glen, spr. John MacIntyre, Glen
08. ALEXANDER, b. Sept. 12, 1836, bapt Sept. 14, 1836, spr. Marian MacKinnon. (Rev. Wm. MacIntosh)
09. NEIL, b. Apr. 13, 1842, bapt. Apr. 19, 1842, spr. Michael MacNeil. (Rev. Donald MacDonald)
10. ANGUS, b. Nov. 29, 1844, bapt. Dec. 02, 1844, spr. Michael MacNeil (Rev. D. MacD)

MARRIAGE: Jan. 06, 1834 - This day was married by me, after the usual proclamations, ALEX NICHOLSON, Lochdoune, to MARY CAMPBELL, Fuadh, before the following witnesses: Rory MacLeod; Catharine MacMillan; John MacMillan. (N.M.D.)

Roderick MacNeil = Marion MacKenzie Apr. 27, 1825
NOTE: The marriage listed on this date has a woman by the name of "MACKINNON", and NOT "MACKENZIE" The listing is worded
April 27, 1825 : I married this 27th day of April, RORY MACNEIL of Tangasdale, to MARIAN, second daughter of JOHN MACKINNON and MARY MACNEIL, of Vatersay, at Giarrimore, before witnesses. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

Is it an error? The record that is. It can't be stated that it is until there is other information to reinforce Rev. Patk J. Nicholson's work that the marriage was a MacKenzie and not a MacKinnon. I would be more inclined to think that she was a MACKINNON as stated. Why because all of the
MACKENZIE's had left Barra by this time. It would seem odd that she would have remained behind, though it is quite possible. Yet if she was single at the time of the departure of the MacKenzies from Barra, than I couldn't see her remaining behind. If she was already a married women when the
last of the MacKenzie's left Barra, than I could see her remaining. By any chance do you know which line of MACKENZIEs she belongs to? Or could she have been one of the mainland MacKenzies. Also they could have been married on one of the other islands or mainland.

YET we do have a RORY MACNEIL and MARIAN MACKENZIE having children starting in 1831
MARY bapt. July 19, 1831, d/o Rory MacNeil and Marian MacKenzie, Tangasdale. spr. John MacKinnon
HECTOR bapt. Nov. 19, 1833, s/o Rory MacNeil and Marion MacKenzie, Tangastte (spelling error?) spr. John MacKinnon, Tangastte.
FINLAY, bapt. July 22, 1836, s/o Roderick MacNeil and Marian MacKenzie, Tangasdale, born the 20th of July, 1826 (1836?), was baptized by me the 22nd, spr. John MacKinnon. (Rev. Wm. MacIntosh).
ANN bapt. Feb. 20, 1842, d/o Roderick MacNeil and Marion MacKenzie, Tangusdale, spr. John MacKinnon. (Rev. Donald MacDonald)
CATHARINE b. 30th Apr. 1846, bapt. May 03, 1846, d/o Roderick MacNeil and Marian MacKenzie, Tangusdale, spr. Donald MacNeil. (Rev. Donald MacD)
ANN, born and bapt. Nov. 11, 1848, d/o Roderick MacNeil and Marion MacKenzie, Tangusdale, spr. Hector MacPhee. (Rev. Donald MacD.)

BAPT. PETTY MACNEIL bapt. Dec. 15, 1830, d/o RORY MACNEIL and MARIAN MACNEIL, Craigston, spr. John MacIntyre, Glen

Roderick MacInnis, widows = Catherine MacNeil Jan 9, 1826
MARRIAGE: Jan. 09, 1826. I married this 9th day of January RODRICK MACINNES, widower, Langinish, to CATHARINE, fourth daughter of NEIL MACNEIL of Borve, before witnesses at Giarrimore. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

Malcolm MacInnis = Catherine Nicholson
MARRIAGE: Jan. 12, 1825. I married this 12th day of January, MALCOLM MACINNES of Vasline to CATHERINE, dau. to the late JOHN NICHOLSON, of Kilbar, at Giarrimore, before witnesses. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

_ay, 18, 1823 Lawrence: Arch Gillis / Ann MacDougald
BAPT: LAWRENCE GILLIS bapt. Aug. 18, 1823 s/o ARCHIBALD GILLIS and ANN MACDOUGALD, spr. Angus MacNeil, all of Cliad. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

July 22, 1832 Alex MacNeil, Sanndra = Mary MacLean
MARRIAGE: July 22, 1832. This day was married by me, after the usual proclamations, ALEX MACNEIL, Sandray, to MARY MACLEAN, Sandray, before the following witnesses: Rory MacNeil, John MacNeil, Donald MacNeil, from Sandray, Colin MacLean, Craigstone. (N.M.D.M.A.)

_ 16, 1822 Drowned: Hector Nicholson & a Uist boy
DEATH: Feb. 18, 1822, drowned, HECTOR NICHOLSON, and a Uist boy.

_ 25, 1819 Rory MacPhee = Catherine MacNeil, Kentangabheil
MARRIAGE: Jan 25, 1819. I married this 25th day of January RODERICK MACPHEE, son to DONALD MACPHEE, in Kentangabhail, to CATHERINE, first daughter to RODERICK MACNEIL, in Sandray, before witnesses. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

Feb. 5, 1826 Donald: John Currie / Flory MacDonald
BAPT: Mar. 05, 1826 I baptized this 5th day of March, DONALD CURRIE, born in lawful wedlock of JOHN CURRIE and FLORY MACDONALD in Borve. spr. Alex MacIntyre and spouse in Kenglangabhail.

Died Jan. 9, 1825 Ann Nicholson widow of Donald Currie
DEATH: Jan. 09, 1825 Died at Brebheig, ANN NICHOLSON, spouse to the late DONALD CURRIE.

Dec. 23, 1824 Donald: Neil Currie / Mary MacNeil
BAPT: Dec. 23, 1824. I baptized this 23rd day of December DONALD CURRIE, born in lawful wedlock of NEIL CURRIE and MARY MACNEIL, Brebheigh. spr. Angus MacDonald, Brebheigh. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

Nov. 16, 1824 Angus Nicholson = Mary MacDonald
MARRIAGE: Nov. 16, 1824. I married this 16th day of November, ANGUS NICHOLSON, to MARY second daughter of the late NEIL MACDONALD, innkeeper, Kilbar, innkeeper, at Giarrimore before witnesses. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

_ 14, 1816 Rory: Donald MacInnis / Margaret Nicholson
BAPT: May 14, 1816. RODERICK MACINNES, born in lawful wedlock of DONALD MACINNES and MARGARET NICHOLSON in Vasline. spr. John MacKinnon, Vasline. (Rev. Angus MacDonald)

Happy hunting
Juanita MacDonald

bill nicholson wrote: The following is a partial listing of the parish records from Barra.Right Reverend Patrick Joseph Nicholson archives St. Francis Xavier University MG2/1/302

> -transcribed from a photocopy of the hand-written notebook entitled Genealogy of Dr. Nicholson. My comments are in italics.

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