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From: "Col. John B. Devoe" <>
Subject: [NS-CB-L] Acadian Richard, Little Bras d'Or
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 21:07:47 -0500

Greetings...Back in the early 60s I compiled many pages of data on this
Richard family as I did research on my Acadian DeVaux family (a matrilineal
connection). A few years back I prepared a paper for a cousin on the
subject. It includes some old 70s SAW research, observations and
speculations on my part, as well as much specific data transcribed by me
from primary sources. In view of some recent inquiries concerning this
family I have decided to place it on my website in the event it might
interest others. Go to:


Since the six pages are scanned items, the data is an "image" and thus
requires IE and MS Word...give the pages time to download...Netscape cannot
"read" it.

I have not as yet placed a link on any page of my website which will lead
you to this page's URL.

Comments on the data would be welcome.

Cheers, John (NH-USA, all outgoing e-mails screened via NAV)
An Acadian Web Page: http://pages.prodigy.net/gydvo/index.htm
Our ancestors: "Records=identity + history=understanding" JBD

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