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From: "George F. Sanborn Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [NS-CB-L] Barra parish records - partial list
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 21:48:15 -0500
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Bill, Juanita, et als,

I found the information about Malcolm Johnstone's family interesting, and was particularly interested to learn that the first appearance of the surname in the Barra records was in 1818.

First I should say that the spellings "Johnstone" and "Johnston" in the islands are, for lack of a better term, errors. The surname should be Johnson as they descend from the MacIain MacDonalds. I strongly suspect that the Barra "Johnstones" slipped over there from the Uists where
the name is found. I am a Uist Johnson myself, and there is reliable oral history that all of the Uist Johnsons descend from one of the MacIain MacDonalds who came to Uist from Ardnamurchan on the mainland, where one might expect to find them. If anyone can demonstrate that the
Barra "Johnstones" had a different origin, I should like to know. In the meantime, I suggest that Malcolm was likely from the south end of South Uist, on the Boisdale Estate.

Is mise le speis,

George Sanborn

bill nicholson wrote:

> Thanks Juanita
> Your point is well taken. Sorry I don't know anything further about the Johnstones except what is in To the Hill of Boisdale. I know there are earlier records somewhere for Barra (back to the 1780s) but I don't know where. I'll keep looking though. Isn't the fun in the hunt?
> Bill Nicholson
> Fraser Lake, BC
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