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From: Kathleen Grant <>
Subject: [NS-CB-L] Broughton = Milton
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:13:32 -0400

While searching for information on a certain M(a)cDonald family from
Broughton recently, I came across a map at the Beaton, vintage 1898,
which referred to that area as "Milton". Later, I found the same
reference in the geographic pages of the 1901 census. I had never heard
that name before in reference to this area. By the time of World War I,
the area was clearly known as Broughton, but I am not certain when the
usage changed. Somewhat to my surprise, I also found that families in
that area were partly included in the Cow Bay or Port Morien census
district, while others were in a Mira district which changed its name
several times. In 1861, it was simply part of Mira; in 1871, Mira Bay &
Ferry; in 1881, Northside Mira; in 1891, Hillside; and in 1901, Hillside
Mira. Hopefully, this may help others locate relatives in that

Doug Grant

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