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From: " A.Batten" <>
Subject: Re: [NS-CB-L] Census
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 14:05:25 -0600
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Rita.......that's too cute!....But it's nice to see that others are in
agreement. You never know what's effective!
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From: Tom G. & Rita Offer
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 8:12 AM
Subject: Re: [NS-CB-L] Census

Just had a thought when reading your email as your words echo mine and
others I would presume. I am going to innundate any public meeting I
attend for which ever candidate is going for election to whatever in the
next election.
Maybe if my emotions get as high as they did during the "public
for the census release I can get crowd sympathy over this situation.
something really means a lot to me, and this 92 years wait does, I can
at the drop of a hat and no politician wants to see a 60+ white haired
cry. I remind them too much of their Grandmothers.
Anyone think this will work?????
Actually any female crying should work??? sorry guys but this has to be
gal thing.
Maybe if the guys did a "hang dog" thig it would work for them???
Cheers Rita in PEI.....where Genealogy means that you can't ever say
anything bad about anyone cause the next day you find out you are
(he he he)!!!

" A.Batten" wrote:

> Ok....I've been out of the loop for a long time and because
> of family concerns was NOT paying attention to what's been going on
> bill S-13, and sadly I never participated in my personal thoughts on
> release of our census. So....knowing this , and the fact that I
> contributed at all......I still feel that as a Canadian citizen I have
> my thoughts on this issue and would desperately like to express it!
> I can't for the life of me understand why we should settle !!!
> ,. I think that this bill makes our situation worse now then it was
> before this campaign!....What about our families in the future??? So
> what...we get to see the 1911 census, and that's it! Everyone else can
> wait?
> My great granchildren etc can not view our family data for
> How ridiculous!!!
> So , who caved in??? What's this namby-pamby attitude of those who
> have worked tirelessly to get something done??? ...rollover and die???
> Gordon , Muriel and others...with due respect to all your hard
> work..[ and I know you have put your heart into this].,Why is this
> considered sufficient??? Why are you not opposing this? Why are we as
> members of this country expected to settle for this nonsense!
> those of us who know from experience the importance of census to our
> family research???
> Are we not being blackmailed!!!For the sake of the 1906&1911
> census we are asked by those who represent the genealogical community
> compromise ourselves! Why would we do that??? Why are you not
> encouraging all of us to stop this bill from happening since nobody
> doing research wants to wait 92 yrs and then a few more added! I say
> should fight the law!!!!
> Yes...it's easy for someone like me to opinionate when I don't
> the work, but you ask and implore your fellow genealogists/ family
> researchers to support you and this bill! Well...I don't, and I think
> many of my fellow genealogists are not thinking clearly , just as I
> wasn't......All this Bill will do is get us the 1906 and or the 1911
> census. Nobody seems to care about the future of our chldren and
> theirs..What about them?? What about when they want to research???
> They'll look back and shake their heads in shame....my ancestors
> and did nothing to ensure that we can research our family. All they
> cared about was themselves and 2 measley census records!
> I for one will NOT support this Bill...we were in a pickle before
> we are worse off now.....
> I realise this may be very contrary to what many of my fellow
> genealogist think or want , however I cannot sit here and be silent
> if I am alone.......For what it's worth? It's how I feel as a family
> researcher....
> Ann { MacDonald } Batten
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