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From: Richard Noble <>
Subject: Re: [NS-CB-L] OFF TOPIC
Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 15:38:14 -0300
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Spam is a fact of life. You get spam from Yahoo accounts and when you try to
bounce them, you get the message, that they don't have a yahoo account.

There are programs out there, that allow you to see your mail, before it is
downloaded. Not in detail, but who it is from, the subject line, etc.

I use mailwasher (Check google to find out about it). I am not a
spokesperson for them.

My program, shows me the mail incoming from my server. It actually hooks up
with the server, and lets you see the mail listing before it is downloaded.

I can blacklist addresses, delete and actually bounce mail. Bouncing mail
simply returns them a message telling them my address is no longer valid.
Not all mail is bounceable, see the yahoo stuff above.

But I can see the mail before it is downloaded. I saw that spam message and
deleted it before it was ever downloaded.

In the spam world of e-mail today, my program is a big help. I should add
that it often shows me virus messages. I wouldn't say every one, like I am
not getting rid of norton, but it often identifies messages as viruses, and
I get to delete them before they are downloaded.

As a rule of thumb, I delete anything from an unfamiliar address, if there
is no subject line.With use, you get to recognize lots of messages that look
like junk. A e-mail from someone you don't know that has a subject line that
looks suspicious. I just delete them.

If anyone is getting a lot of spam, something to look into.


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