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Subject: [NS-CB-L] Post 1901 Census -- Third reading of S-13 continued
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Subject: Post 1901 Census -- Third reading of S-13 continued

Greetings All.

Third reading of Bill S-13 continues in the Senate. The third session of these debates took place 13 May and my extract from Hansard is now online on the Post 1901 Census Project website at the URL following my signature.

With the exception of Senator Milne, the only Senators speaking to date are those that oppose the access to Census records that we seek. It would appear that a number of those speaking would approve of greater restrictions on access - including total closure forever -- than those included in
S-13. The latest session was adjourned in the name of Senator Comeau who also opposes access. He will be the first speaker of the next session.

Again I encourage everyone to write to their parliamentarians to impress upon them the need to remove the conditions and restrictions that Bill S-13 imposes on access to Historic Census records. Do it now -- before it is too late!!

Happy Hunting

Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair, Canada Census Committee
Port Coquitlam, BC

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