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From: joseph macdonald <>
Subject: [NS-CB-L] UKRAINIAN CANADIANS: No doubt their names would have also been on the 1911 census
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 03:19:17 -0300


I came across this site while looking for information concerning the
1911 census. This would be valuable information for those of Ukrainian
heritage. The Dominion Census, taken in June 1911, had identified 39,577
Germans, 121,430 Austro-Hungarians, 1,666 Bulgarians and 4,768 Turks and
Syrians in Canada. Though not exactly information on the 1911 census. No
doubt most of the names of these Ukrainians were on the 1911 census and
no doubt would be found again on the 1916 census as listed in internment
camps, located in various parts of Canada. I took a brief look at the
pdf file for the Roll Call, there is 91 pages with names starting on
page four, I believe for those in the various camps across Canada.

I couldn't help but wonder if this might be part of the reason for the
20 non-disclosure clause in Bill S-13. These people were still in the
camps during the 1918 census. They were actually held for two years
after the war (1914-1918) and they were used by the Government as forced

This is a most impressive site.


Interment of Ukrainians in Canada 1914-1920

The purpose of these pages is to inform the general population about the
Canadian Government's internment of Ukrainian Canadians in Concentration
Camps in Canada during the period of 1914-1920.
With the outbreak of World War I, the War Measures Act (1914) was
implemented as a result of an Order In Council by the Canadian
Government. This resulted in the internment of 8,579 "enemy aliens" of
which over 5,000 were Ukrainians who had emigrated to Canada from
territories under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It also
meant an additional 80,000 individuals (of which the vast majority were
Ukrainians) were obliged to register as "enemy aliens" and then required
to report to local authorities on a regular basis.

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