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Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 07:03:55 EST

Thursday Sept 11 ,2008 Troy Record Article 100years ago Friday Sept 11, 1908
“Today is the opening day of hearings for a commission appointed by Gov
Charles Evans Hughes on the petition of the Civic League of Albany who wants
Sheriff Joseph Besch removal from office for neglecting his duty to prevent
gambling. The governor has appointed George D. Beatty of Brooklyn as commissioner
to hear the evidence.First testimony is Arthur Roy, an employee of the
Dudley Laboratory who worked with the Civic League to collect evidence of
gambling. Roy recounts how he and Charles Schwab of Albany stopped at 167 Lark St at
a cigar shop and were able to place 5 cent bets on a 'gig', a sort of
numbers game.They then went to a central Ave cafe and placed 10 cent bets on a
similar game.The Arcade cigar store across from Union Station had a sign in its
window"Watch our 3 numbers" and Roy was able to place a bet in the back
room.Roy and Schwab went to 4 more places on Hudson,Herkimer, Beaver and Dallius
Streets and placed bets. Attorney J. Fiero,defense attorney for Sheriff Besch,
asks if there were any outward signs about the gambling on the establishments
and Roy answers no.Fiero says the League should have reported the gambling to
the police so they could have acted on it.

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