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Subject: [NY-TROY-IRISH-GENSOC] Besch,Earle,Gomble,Burch
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 07:13:39 EST

Friday Sept 12 ,2008 Troy Record Article 100years ago Saturday Sept 12, 1908

" The committee on gambling and the contention that Sheriff Besch allowed it
continues with testimony from Roscoe Earle, a novice private detective hired
by the Civic League. Earle says he toured Albany on July 24th placing bets at
several locations.He says he went into a back room where there was a row of
chairs, a blackboard and a desk and saw money changing hands, and slips of
paper returned to the buyers.When he tried to place a bet he was questioned as
to if he had ever placed a bet there and when he said he hadn't,was told to
leave and go to where he had placed a bet before. He did place a bet at Fred
Gomble's cigar store at 168 Lark St, the Maine Cafe on Central Ave and Thomas
Burch's store at 229 Central. All those stores dealt exclusively in 'policy',
with no other forms of gambling taking place."

Picture of the Day Friday Sept 12 ,2008 in the Troy Record Picture Firemen's
Week parade 1908

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