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Thanks to all welcoming me. Here is a little of who I am and what I know of
where I come from. Well, the Troy Irish side anyway. (I am Polish on my
Fathers side. And my Irish GtGt Grandfather was Lorenzo Warren the only
English protestant in an Irish Catholic family)

I was born in Troy Samaritan Hospital (1968 yep still a kid) and grew up on
River Street. My mother was Teresa Banks daughter of Joseph and Nora Banks
from 15th street. I think she would have been baptized at St. Francis down
the hill. My grandfather's grandfather (Henry) bought property on 15th
street from the Tibbits in 1867. My Grandmother's family was the Ahern
family. I have seen it written Ahearn or Ahern, this side went to St. May's.
Her Cosine was the mayor of Troy in the 1960 John Ahern. I have hit a few
roadblocks on this side of the family. My Grandmother's mother was a Kelly
from Liberty Street in Troy. I have some info on them but again hit a will.
I have been able to contact some Banks family from Sligo Ireland and I think
they are related. That is me, in a nut shell. If any one can direct me on
any info on the Ahern or Kelly family I would love it.

Thanks again,

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Thanks Al, as I told Andrea the list has been very slow. But now I know she
is posting and everyone is getting her message. Hate to see a former Troy
lady ignored.
How are you and your lovely bride, I do miss you guys and the fun we had in
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