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My grandfather THOMAS FRANCIS McGRATH was born around May 1863 in Thurles, Tipperary and married NORA KENNEDY, born around March 1872 also in Thurles area. Apparently they were married in Ireland before coming to Troy around 1891. A brother, PATRICK McGRATH and a sister BRIDGET McGRATH, also came to Troy. All three lived in South Troy.

1. Children of Thomas McGrath and Nora Kennedy:

Mary - died young
Johanna - died young
Catherine - died young
Michael (married Helen Rogers)
Thomas (married Lillian Benson - no children)
John (married Eleanor Schade - no children)
Patrick (married Elizabeth Whelan)
James (married Mary O'Connor) - my parents
Nonie (married William Myers and John Keefe)

Missing information/questions for McGrath/Kennedy branch:

A. Sponsor at my father's baptism in 1900 was a Daniel McGrath. Was he a relation?
B. Bearer at grandfather's funeral and funeral of Patrick and Bridget was a William McGrath identified as a nephew. I am the only William found so far in this lineage, so who was this William?
C. Date of date and place of death for John Keefe, second husband of Nonie, is unknown.
D. Do not have information on the families of five children of Patrick McGrath and Elizabeth Whelan; Noreen (Armand Phillips), Mary (Edmund McCaffrey), Thomas (Gloria Norton), Elizabeth (John Narzymski) and John (Ruth Bylancik).
E. Do not have information on the families of two childlren of Nonie McGrath and William Myers; Thomas (wife's name not known) and Norine (Richard Shannon)

2. Children of Patrick McGrath and Catherine R. Leonard:

Florence - never married
James - never married
Josephine (married Francis M. Casey - no children)
Anna Mae (married John Purcell and Douglas Bliven)
Frances (married Joseph J. Maloney - no children)
Catherine (married John J. Sweeney)
John (married Gladys Fones and Julia Lillian Reeves)

Missing information/questions for McGrath/Leonard branch:

A. Do not have information on the families of two children of John McGrath and Gladys Fones; John (Anna Marie Green) and Caroline (David Brown).
B. Do not have information on the families of three children of Catherine McGrath and John Sweeney; Anne Erin (John M. Hogan), Cathleen (William Maloney), Mary Ellen (Hoyt W. Taylor).
C. Obit for Patrick McGrath states he lived in Chicago as a youth. This is only reference ever heard about a Chicago connection with our family.

3. Children of Bridget McGrath and John J. Gleason:

Michael (married Agnes Marie Covatta)
Josephine - never married
Margaret (married Michael H. Keating - no children)
John (married Helen M. Dwyer - no children)
Walter (married Alice J. Malchesky - no children)

Missing information/questions for McGrath/Gleason branch:

A. Do not have information on the families of two children of Michael Gleason and Agnes Marie Covatta; Agnes Marie (Thomas W. Keenan) and Eleanor Joan (Saverio Benedict Mastrianni).

Bill McGrath
Clifton Park, NY

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