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My great grandmother was Mary Langton O'Donohoe. She was the daughter
of Mary Keefe (Keefe or O'Keefe) and James Langton. have the street
address it is 83 10th Street. James was born in Ireland but I have no
idea where. I did order and received his death certificate from the
state of New York.

I found a James Langton on the Troy site and believe that this is my
g-g grandfather James Langton -- born in approximately 1822 who
emigrated from Dublin, Ireland in 1851.


>From the census it says he was a retail grocer. The handwriting on
his death certificate was very messy but it looks as if his father's
name was Patrick Langton and --- wait until you hear this ---- his
mother was ELIZABETH BORDEN (not the Lizzie Borden!) Mary Keefe
Langton --- was born in the 1830-s and her father was Richard Keefe
and her mother was Annie Clark. I also have the spelling as O'Keefe
and not Keefe in other documentation.

Mary and James lived at 83 10th Street. I don't know if the house is
still there because on MapQuest it looks as if it's on the campus of
Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute. In 1880 three of Mary Keefe's
daughters worked as collar makers.

It looks as if relatives lived on both sides of James and Mary.
William Keefe -- I assume one of Mary's brothers who had a son name Richard
Keefe lived
on one side and William Langton lived on the other.

Mary Langton O'Donohoe was married in Troy to Dr. James T.C. O'Donohoe
of Ireland and they resided in Manhattan. They were married in the
1880s. Mary's parents are buried in St. Peter's.

I have made contact with a distant Langton cousin up there via
telephone. I believe this connection was through a sibling of Mary
Langton's -- James Langton.

Mary had a father, a brother, a husband and a son all with the names
of James! To make matters even more confusing her husband James
O'Donohoe's parents are named James and Mary (Corcoran) and of
course.....James had a sister Mary.

Other names I've seen in an obituary of Mary's sister Catherine are
Kennedy and Dollard -- possibly related but not sure how.

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