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Pat, My Gr Gr Gr Grandparents Michael and Ann Hooley late 1700s early to mid
1800s, stayed in the old country.
My records take me as far as North Tipperary Parish of Bourney and Corbally.
I have been unable to find help on the other side beyond that. They really
enjoy taking my money though. And rather then spend my vacation last summer
researching in Ireland I opted for fly fishing the Madison River in Montana.
There's next summer though.
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> Thanks David and Tim for replying to my message about Gilhooley versus
> Hooley.
> Recently I was in Ireland and searched the Tipperary RC records looking
> for records of my O'Connor/Connors family. While I knew about all the
> spellings for O'Connor (O'Conner, O'Connors, Conners, Connors, Conner,
> Connor, etc.) and for Flanagan (Flanigan, Flannagan, Flannigan etc.), I
> was amused to find the various ways the priests from one parish spelled
> my family Gilhooly surname (Gooley, Ghilhooly, Gooly, Guilhooly,
> Ghillooley).
> I was hoping that maybe your Hooley was another variation but have since
> checked my Ireland surname books and see they have distinctly different
> origins. However, that doesn't mean your Hooley wasn't Gilhooley at
> one point, maybe back in Ireland and then due to the accent and the fact
> that many of our ancestors only knew Irish and not English, the names
> got corrupted.
> In searching the Griffith's Valuation on OriginsNetwork, I found no
> Hooleys located in South Tipperary but 10 in North Tipperary, most from
> Parkmore in Roscrea Civil Parish. When I search on Whooley, I get the
> Hooleys mentioned. However, when I search on Gilhooly, they are only
> located in South Tipperary, Tipperary RC parish, no doubt my family and
> only two or three.
> If you happen to have any godparents in Troy with Connors/O'Connor or
> Flanagan, contact me.
> Thanks again for your interest.
> --
> Pat Connors, Sacramento CA
> http://www.connorsgenealogy.com
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