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Subject: Re: [NY-TROY-IRISH-GENSOC] Marrage records; Henry Banks
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I have a 1879 Troy directory and it lists a Henry Banks as follows;

Banks,Henry , speculator, h Fifteenth n South

The h stands for HOME as opposed to business.
In my never ending(but interesting ) quest for relative information I have
come across many times cousins that have exactly the same name(my husband has a
cousin with the same name even today). I also came across the child of one
of my ggggrandfather with a name eg Francis Hope and then another child with
the same name 16 years later. Why? I finally found out the first Francis was
killed at the Battle of the Second Bull Run in the Civil War (he was 16) and
when his parents had another boy a few months after the battle they gave him
the same exact name to "replace" the killed child. Caused me much confusion
for many years as the ages didn't add up.
Moral of story:So maybe there are 2 Henry Banks you are seeing. Just an
observation.Good luck on finding
the answers. Joyce

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Hi Andrea. I haven't seen any replies to your post. I can't answer your
first question. I suppose a man could call a woman his 'wife', but it
wouldn't make it legal if they really weren't married. I'd be willing to try
to help you sort out all this info if you want me to. A quick look at some
of the censuses shows Henry and Ann/Annie already in Troy with four children
in the off-year 1875 Troy census. No street names are given in that census.
They appear again in the 1880 US census at the 15th St. address in Troy with
four children. The 1900 US census shows them still at 15th St., although
two of the sons are no longer listed. I don't know where this Elizabeth
fits in. I'd be interested to know what records you have. Let me know if
you want me to help you. Terry in Mich.

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From: "Andrea Sharp" <>

>I need some help in understanding marriage recording.
> My question is regarding 2nd marriages back in the 1800. If a man was a
> widower could he take a "wife" with out the legal or church marriage and
> call a woman his wife?
> Here is the situation.
> Henry Banks to the US 1851 from Ireland, stayed in NYC until 1876 when he
> came to Troy
> Records show at that time he was married to Elizabeth Peckman (?spelling)
> I have records of them having 4 children while in NYC, and show
> Henry and Elizabeth buying the property on 15th street together in 1876.
> Then in the 1900 census I have Henry with Annie McGowan, as wife with the
> same 4 kids. I have no records of any burial for Elizabeth with all of
> the
> Bank's family being buried at St. Mary's. The other strange thing is when
> they list how long Henry and Annie had been married in the 1900 census
> they
> listed 40 years, doing the math it does not work.>>>>>>>

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