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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 08:22:10 EST

Tuesday Sept 23 ,2008 TroyRecord Article 100years agoWednesday Sept 23, 1908
“ Investigators are looking for Adelia Brown, a music teacher,movie theater
pianist and dancer, who is accused of setting fire to the summer garden of
Ralph & Millers Hotel at 5th Ave and 108th Street in Lansingburgh where her
husband works as a bartender. Brown has escaped custody by complaining of severe
pain and appearing to be critical ,whereby the jail physician directed she
be brought to his office. There, she asks permission to go to the ladies
retiring room, returns ,then asks to go again. Five minutes elapse when Deputy
Sheldon remarks to Dr Hull she has been gone a long time. They go to the
retiring room and find it locked and part of a woman's skirt hanging out the window.
Brown had tied part of it to the tub leg and went out the window ,dropping
when the skirt tore, scaled a 8 foot fence and escaped. Later in the evening,
the Lansingburgh post office superintendent J.W.Engel receives a postcard
asking that Adelia Porters mail be forwarded to the Homeopathic Hospital in
Albany. From that it is learned that she took a trolley to Albany and went to the
hospital with a sprained ankle. In a related incident James Jimmie Fresh
Warren of Albany is arrested for punching Renn Deputy Edward J. Flynn in the
face while the deputy was looking for Brown at Green and Division Streets "

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