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From: "Joseph" <>
Subject: [NY-TROY-IRISH-GENSOC] Late for the Roll Call (O'Brien, Daley)
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 15:03:27 -0800

My G-father Timothy was born in 1864.
I believe I found him in the 1870 census at the orphanage in Troy with a possible brother Edward.
If that is him, it indicates something happened to his parents in the 1860's.
I don't know if there were other brothers or sisters.

His father is listed as Maurice O'Brien and his mother as Ann Daley; both are listed as being born in Troy.
I know little else about their families and based upon Timothy being the oldest have assumed that Maurice and Ann were possibly born in Troy circa 1835 -1845.

I'm stumped. Is there an 1865 New York Census on line anwhere?

Joe O'Brien
Bremerton, Washington

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