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Subject: [NY-TROY-IRISH-GENSOC] fx ryan and attendance and google
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 19:17:40 -0500
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I cant imagine THE Frank Ryan is afraid of a little snow. But I am afraid only my thoughts will be with you as I will be working 3-11. I wish I could attend. Slainte', Michael

PS I would just like to share the good luck and serendipity I have had just by periodically searching Google and Googlebooks for specific names and places. As more and more sources are being digitized I have found a good amount of odd data I would have never found otherwise. I found a US patent my great grandfather McAlonie had on a printing press improvement in Cohoes in 1921 that I never knew about. I found interesting testimony that my grandfather McAlonie gave about the 105th reg NYNG being used to break up a Paper Mill stike in Corinth in 1921. It seems like if I search every few months I find something new that has been newly digitized in a book or periodical. I have found quite a bit of data about my 5th great grandfather Ralph Spooner (such as his request to be prisoner exchanged from the Albany Gaol after the Battle of Saratoga in the Gov George Clinton Papers) and about American Loyslists and the Royal Artillery. Google and googlebooks has been a great tool.

And by searching for the 'Ratigan' family name and "culliagh" the townland they came from I have found a recent message left by a young woman in Ireland with whom it turned out I share the same Ratigan 4th great grandfather and have developed an interesting and historically productive correspondence with.

Keep digging.

Best, Michael
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I am planning to attend, the Good Lord willing, and no major snow storms.

Francis X Ryan
Grafton NY USA

The January 2009 meeting of TIGS will take place on 1/15/09 at 6:30 at the
Park Pub in Frear Park

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