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My great, great grandfather John Rainey (1798-1868) was born in County Cork, Ireland and left Ireland in 1837 from Queensbury (Cobh), Ireland. He arrived sometime in 1837 in Troy, NY with his family. They are in the 1840, 1850, 1855, 1860,1865, 1870, 1875, 1880 and 1900 Census. Descendents appear in the 1910 through 1930 Census. They appear in the Troy Directory in 1890. The arrival in Troy in 1837 included:

Husband: John Rainey (1798-1868) MY G/G G/F
Wife: Mary ????? Rainey (1805-1864)
Children: John Rainey Jr. (1828-1892)
Michael Rainey (1830-1904?)
Patrick Rainey (1833-1900?)
Maurice (Morris) Rainey (1836-1906) (my great grandfather)

Other children born in Troy include:

Children: Rose Rainey 1838-1840)
Mary Rainey (1841-1911)
Thomas Rainey (1843-????) after 1880
Henry Rainey (1845-????) after 1870

Morris traveled to Mobile, Al in 1858 looking for work and ended up drafted into the Alabama 12th Regiment and fought for the Confederacy from 1861-1865. His brothers Thomas and Henry both fought for the Union Army and Thomas was discharged due to battle wounds in 1863. The rest of John Rainey family except for John Rainey Jr (Watervliet) moved to Yonkers, from 1859 to 1863 for other work opportunities. All the Raineys returned to Troy, NY by 1866.

Morris married Mary Martin in 1869 and had 12 children (6 died before the age of 4). His children that made it to adulthood include:
John Rainey (1871-1935) to Dover, NJ in 1901
Morris James Rainey Jr. (1874-1942) to Schenectady in 1916 (my grandfather)
Anna Rainey Beehm (1879-1956) to Rochester in 1946
Ellen Rainey Butler (1886-195?) sons to Danbury, CT and NYC, NY

John Rainey (1798-1868) and Morris Rainey and most of their children are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Troy. John Rainey (1828-1892) and family are buried in St. Agnes Cemetery, Menands. Maurice Rainey (1874-1942) and most of his family are buried in Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Schenectady, NY.

Most of the Rainey men worked as moulders in Troy, NY from the 1840's to early 1900.

Other families not mentioned above that are related to the Rainey family line include Carroll (Troy), McGrath via Carroll (Clifton Park), Gilligan, Duffy (Watervliet), O'Connor (Waterford, NY), Macomber (Rochester), McCafferty (Troy) Lynch (NYC, NY)

I have multiple sources from Naturailization papers and death certificates that cite County Cork as their residence in Ireland but no information on where in County Cork they resided. Any suggestions on how to find further info would be appreciated. We are returning to Ireland in April and May, 2009 to among other things do more tracing of the Rainey ancestry in County Cork. We will again visit the Cobh museum for shiiping information in their records. This time we have specific names, ages and the year of departures so I'm hoping to get the information that will lead me to the town and parish they belonged to.

Have a great day, Mike>
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