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MondaySeptember 29,2008TroyRecord Article 100years agoTuesdaySeptember 29
“ A Civil War Veteran,James M. Gillaway 76 and his wife Inez Gillaway,74,
land in Troy in Deep Distress,according to the headline.Gillaway was a
steamboat engineer operating on the Potomac River when the Civil War broke out. He at
once offered his services and was sworn in by General Winfield Scott
personally at Washington. He later served in the Harris Light Calvary and was taken
prisoner by the Confederates during the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. He
used a different name for each enlistment,as the engineer James Mann and as
the cavalryman James Mann Gillaway. As the war ended he was freed and settled
on a Vermont farm. The Gillaways have 2 daughters who, years ago married and
went west and they have not heard from them in the last 15 years.Since they
have fallen on hard times, they applied now for a Civil War Pension,
contacting their Senator Proctor. In the middle of investigating the Senator died and
Gillaway has not been able to advance his case. He has tried to contact
former comrades in arms but is at a halt. So he came to Albany yesterday where the
authorities put the Gillaways up for the night then sent them to Troy.They
hope to get admission to a soldiers home and they do not have the funds to
make it back to Rutland , Vermont so Rensselaer County authorities will help
them return home.They will depend on the kindness of neighbors until the
government acts.
Photo of the day Troy Record Friday September 29 2008 1944 Anthony Tony
Scarchilli, SIC,US Coast Guard aboard the USS General William Weigel

Photo of the day Troy Record Friday September 26 2008 1955 St Anthony’s
Church trip Ermina Furciniti first row

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