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Subject: [NY-TROY-IRISH-GENSOC] Troy Burial Records
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Bill - thank you for reminding us that some of these Troy Burial records are
online. I didn't realize that, or had forgotten. These records are indeed
valuable. I just found something! I have also been picking through the film
page by page from 1869-early 1870's. It will be great to someday have all
of this transcribed.

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> Hello Joe O'Brien
> Bremerton, Washington
> As to your comment on your recent email about your grandfather Timothy
> and
> his parents Maurice O'Brien and Ann Daley and the statement that something
> happened in the 1860's.
> The following material taking from the article "Tips on Genealogy Research
> in Troy, NY) which is on the TIGS website www.rootsweb.com/~nytigs/ may be
> of interest. As mentioned in the article some of these records are
> available
> on-line. If your relatives died in this time period there is a good
> chance
> you would find them on these Troy burial records.
> Regards, Bill McGrath
> Clifton Park, NY
> Other Microfilm Records - There is a large cabinet of microfilm records,
> census records, etc., in the first floor Genealogy Reference Room. The
> most
> important microfilm for researchers are the three rolls of microfilm on
> Troy
> Deaths and Burials.
> The three rolls of film in the library are:
> a. Burial Records - March 1, 1833 - September 2, 1867
> b. Burial Records - August 14, 1867 - June 27, 1882
> c. Burial Records - June 8, 1882 - February 27, 1891.
> If you are not in the Troy area and want to order the film on Troy Deaths
> and Burials from Salt Lake City, the numbers required for ordering at your
> local Family History Center are:
> a. 1434103
> b. 1434104
> c. 1434105
> The handwriting, for the most part, is beautiful to read but it may help
> to
> have some idea of what you are looking for. For example I was looking for
> my great grandmother Mary Carroll and her daughters Margaret and Catherine
> who were on Ida Street in the 1880 census and then disappear from all
> records.
> The first record I found was "Wife of Mr. Carroll" on Ida Street who died
> on
> March 11, 1881 of smallpox. The next record I found was "Child of Mr.
> Carroll" who died in the Troy Hospital on March 15, 1881 of smallpox.
> Based
> on the age shown for the child, I knew it was Margaret. I am still
> searching for Catherine and assume she also died of smallpox. By the way,
> no one in my family ever knew of the existence of Margaret and Catherine
> and
> I only found out about them through the 1880 census records.
> These Death and Burial records are an important reference for Troy
> researchers since many of the entries predate the 1880 New York State law
> requiring the reporting of deaths. Individuals who died outside of Troy
> are
> listed IF they were buried in Troy.
> Some years of these records are now available on line. Check out the
> Rensselaer County NY Genweb site, coordinated by Lin Van Buren, for these
> records as well as a fantastic amount of genealogy related information on
> Rensselaer County. Address is: www.rootsweb.com/~nyrensse/
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