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I am related to the Corbett's by marriage to John J Brown, Green Island, NY.
His grandfather would be one of the 15 children of Daniel Corbett. His
mother was Helen Winifred Corbett Brown and her siblings were Margaret
Corbett, Austin J. Corbett, Daniel Brady Corbett and then his mom. Their
mother was Winifred Foley Corbett who died when my mother in law was a small
girl. His uncle Daniel lived with us until 2004 and we named our second son
after him, Daniel Brady Brown. Now we have Daniel Corbett Brown who is just
1 1/2. I have some info on the Corbett's and would be happy to share if you
think it might be of use.

On my roll call I am looking for Daniel Murray of Canada and West Troy who
married Catherine Broderick somewhere between 1870 and 1880 and their
offspring (there were 14), my grandmother being one of them. They alternated
between West Troy and Brooklyn depending on my great-grandfather's work at
the time. She was Elizabeth Murray b. 1885, m. William Patrick Carroll of
Troy although they resided in Brooklyn and Pittstown over the years. My
mother is Ursula Carroll, born 1918 in Brooklyn, she married John J Riley of
Troy, b.1905-d.1957.

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