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Subject: [NY-TROY-IRISH-GENSOC] Griffin,Hughes,Mann,White
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 06:34:50 EST

Friday October 10, 2008 TroyRecord Article 100years agoSaturday Oct 10, 1908
“The president of the NYS Patrolman's Association,John N. Griffin tells the
Record that Troy and Albany are the only cities in New York that have failed
to comply with the statutes forbidding political solicitations. Elsewhere the
Association has prosecuted departments and compelled officials to refund
contributions. Some of the Troy patrolman want their money back and Griffin
vows to appeal as high up as Governor Hughes. Public Safety Commissioner Frank
N. Mann says Griffin is trying to politicize the situation and cites a report
that Griffin has called on policemen to oppose Governor Hughes’s re-election
because Hughes and his running mate, NY Sen Horace White have opposed
legislation supported by the Patrolmen’s Association.

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