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Tuesday Oct 21 ,2008 TroyRecord Article 100years agoWednesday Oct 21 , 1908
“Troy hosts the annual convention of the Societies for the Prevention of
Cruelty in New York State.It covers a group of cruelty to children, to animals
and other humane efforts.
Nathaniel J. Walker ,superintendent of Mohawk and Hudson River Society
delivers a paper on The problem of Anti Cruelty Work in Rural Counties. The Humane
Society has investigated 2904 cases of alleged cruelty in the last nine
months .Galled ,disabled, lame and sick horses are being taken from the streets
and country roads and being cared for by competent veterinarians. Dog and cock
fights are being raided.”
Photo of the day Troy Record Tuesday October 21 2008 1947 Billy Pickett
at 3

Sunday October 19,2008TroyRecord Article 100years ago Monday October 19,1908
“NYState League baseball team president John.H. Farrell says that Troy was
the only city that did not pay off its players in full at the close of the
championship race. Farrell orders Jack O’Brien and partner William Rabbittt to
pay them and when they say they cant the team reverts to NYLS ownership."

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