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Is there any chance of getting a copy of "Photo of the day Troy Record Monday October 23, 2008? I tried a search of the website. The Taborton Lake Association is collecting such items.

Brad Miter

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Thursday Oct 23 ,2008 Troy Record Article 100years ago Friday Oct 23, 1908
“An Independent presidential candidate,Thomas S Hisgen who ran a oil factory
on Albany Schenectady Road locally, speaks at Harmony Hall.He is accompanied
by state senate candidate Willis I Sheldon who calls for extending voting
rights to women.
Lawyers for the Democratic Party try to have several Troy residents taken
off the election rolls due to questions about their permanent residency.They
are Paul G. Hovey and Edgar K.Ruth, both RPI students and Herbert M.Dibert,an
instructor at RPI who stayed in Troy to teach after graduating last spring.
Republicans contend they voted here last year and are employed in local
businesses which entitles them to vote here.
Photo of the day Troy Record Monday October 23 2008 1941 Kehn’s Summer
Camp in Taborton: Jack Reilly, Anne Marie Carey Bielawa and Bob Carey

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