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Having to forward the attached letter to The Stan(d)ley Circle one more time,
as I did it incorrectly the first time. Sorry. Margaret (Sutton) Bourns

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Good evening, everyone!

Hopefully, I removed the addresses of members of The Stan(d)ley Circle who
previously received the following message regarding my great grandfather,
Cyrus STANDLEY, and his two marriages. I only learned about his first wife
in June of this year:

Cyrus STANDLEY & Rosiena (Rosa) PLUMLING, had seven children:

1. John P. STANDLEY / STANLEY, b. 12 Dec 1871, d. 05 Feb 1939
2. Ollie N. STANDLEY, b. 16 Dec 1873, d. 21 Oct 1915
3. Benjamin STANDLEY, b. 22 Sep 1875, d. 10 Jul 1877
4. Allen C. STANDLEY, b. 09 Nov 1878, d. 20 May 1949, m. Mollie __?__
5. Perry L. STANDLEY, b. 17 Jun 1880, d. 31 Dec 1949, m. Lillian
6. Mary J. STANDLEY, b. 05 Apr 1882, d. 07 May 1970, m. John __?__, d.
Aug 1948
7. Louis H. STANDLEY, b. 29 Jan 1884, d. 29 Dec 1945, m. Elizabeth
__?__, b.
18 Aug 1889, d. 13 May 1970

Cyrus STANDLEY & Nancy BELLE / Bell, b. 31 Aug 1862, d. 04 Aug 1922, m. 1889,
had issue:

* 1. Leona Belle STANDLEY, b. 21 Mar 1891 in Jacksonville, IL, m.
Francis SUTTON, b. 13 Jul 1891, Hartford, KS
2. Archie R. STANDLEY, b. 04 Dec 1892, d. 24 Nov 1955
3. Harriet E. STANDLEY, b. 24 Jan 1896, d. 1970's, m. George Hyle
4. Chester STANDLEY, b. 10 Oct 1899, d. 16 Oct 1900

There was a notation in the family bible that John P. STANDLEY and other
children by Rosiena "Rosa" were born in KS but that has not been proven.
Mary J. STANDLEY apparently passed away in a rest home in Emporium Co, KS.

Margaret's direct line:

John STANDLEY (brother was HUGH), came to America 1635? (My records show
John not proven)

William, 19 Mar 1729 & Judith STANDLEY (rec'd a 2nd of 01 Nov

Moses STANDLEY, abt 1752, Orange Co, VA & Elizabeth BYRD / BIRD

Noble STANDLEY, 20 Mar 1791, Henry Co, VA & Nancy SMART, b. 14 Mar 1795, m.
1816, Robertson Co, TN, both died in Morgan Co, IL

Richard STANDLEY, 04 Feb 1828, Jacksonville, IL & Rachael (Rachel) AUSMUS, 11
Feb 1827, Jacksonville, IL

Cyrus STANDLEY, 16 Nov 1849, Morgan, IL & Nancy BELL(E), Madison, KS

Leona Belle STANDLEY, 21 Mar 1891, Jacksonville, IL & Benjamin Francis SUTTON,
13 Jul 1891, Hartford, KS

Cyrus SUTTON, 17 Jan 1915, Big Wells, TX & Avanelle PHILLIPPE, 21 Aug 1918,
Fort Cobb, OK (Dad passed away 04 Jun 1996)

Margaret Linda SUTTON, 21 Aug 1943, Healdsburg, Sonoma Co, CA & Richard
Collier BOURNS, 13 Mar 1944, Portland, OR

Question: Do you know if William STANDLEY, b. 1705, Petersburg, VA, m.
Elizabeth __?__, the father of our William, father of Moses who was born
about 1752?

Something else you have most likely discoverd---in most cases STANDLEY and
STANLEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME!! My "new" cousins back east sent me almost the
exact same family history as mine but did not use the "D". They do have more
details than me, also. There are immediate families who had "one or two
children with the "D" spelling and dropped it for the rest of their

How about the allied families? Any of those names look familiar? More than
my grt grt grandfather Richard STANDLEY married an AUSMUS. That is a proven
fact. Please take a good look through your records for the surname AUSMUS.

Well, gang, it is late and I want to send this to you and post it on the
Maiser list through Indiana-U. Hopefully, with both groups working on our
Stan(d)ley name, we will find some more connections. Write soon and take


P.S. This might be "too personal" to make the Maiser list--we'll see.
Better to find out now than after we all try something of this nature.

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