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Subject: [TNJOHNSO-L] Isaac Lincoln
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 22:24:43 -0600

Isaac Lincoln came to Washington County, North Carolina after 1780's.
He was a larger holder of land. He was shrewd, never meddled in
politics and stayed busy managing his own affairs. He married Mary Ward
Lincoln. Supposedly they had one son who died young from a drowning
accident. His wife Mary Ward was a widow "Basher" and wealthy in her
own right at the time of their marriage. Mary had several sisters. One
sister Pheobe Ward married Daniel Stover, Sr., and another sister
married Robert Campbell Crow, and another Lavicy Ward married Christian
Carriger. All the Ward girls were married in Carter County, Tennessee.
In his aging years Isaac Lincoln leaned heavily on Christian Carriger
for guidance in managing his affairs. Mary Ward Lincoln died about 10
or so years after her husband. Mary left the bulk of her estate to
Daniel Stover and Robert Campbell Crow. Christian Carriger and his
daughter, Mary Lincoln Carriger, were also named in her will. Mary Ward
left some of her own property to the Lincoln family "provided they could
get a clear title". That property was located in Washington County,
Tennessee. It is assumed that the property in question was given to
Mary by her own father William Ward, and it is said through family
records that Daniel Stover encouraged the marriage between his
sister-in-law Mary Ward and Isaac Lincoln so he could obtain the Lincoln

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