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Subject: [TNJOHNSO-L] Lets get it right about Abraham
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 10:43:14 -0600

The stories spread through the history books in Carter County, Tennessee
run wild with stories about who is kin to Abraham Lincoln. Being one of
those SUPPOSED descendants or kin" is why I became interested in this
genealogy mess in the first place. I continued to wonder why "no one
ever told me that I was related to Abraham Lincoln".
That would have made some interesting history reports for school.

These so called "relationship" stories were generated in large by an old
maid ancestor of the Carriger Family (not my Carriger line). She
apparently took great pride in writing to the relatives out west once
Abraham Lincoln became president. She had some things right about our
family but everything wrong anout Abraham Lincoln. In my opinion she
added nothing but total confusion to our whole family information. The
reason for the confusion is because she did not know the difference
between TWO MARY WARD'S. There was Mary Ward who was a SISTER of
WILLIAM WARD and a Mary Ward was the daughter of WILLIAM WARD. Many
original records from the Carter County Courthouse are also missing that
document a lot of our Carriger Family. But when you start spreading out
into the families that the Carriger's married into you can get the
"whole story".

Isaac Lincoln who lived in Carter County, Tennessee was related to no
one other than
Mary Ward (Basher) Lincoln, whom he married, and possibly a young son
who had died at an early age. He did have other blood relation, a
sister in Washington County, Tennessee and a brother in Greene County,
Tennessee in the early 1800's. He was an uncle by marriage to the

1. Phoebe Ward who married Daniel Stover
2. Jemima Ward who married Christian Stover, Jr.
3. Lavicy Ward who married Christian Carriger (MY LINE)
4. MARY WARD (married 7-13-1805) married ISSAC DUNN
5. Jane Ward who married Thomas Williams
6. Sarah Ward who may have never married
7. Amelia Ward who married James Peters.

Lavicy Ward was never married to Isaac Lincoln (as stated in Tennesseee
Cousins and elsewhere by a misinformed cousin, that is incorrect.
Lavicy Ward who married Christian Carriger was my GGG grandmother, but
that does not make me a relative or descendant of Isaac Lincoln. The
STOVER - LINCOLN - CARRIGER relationship in the early 1800's was a close
kinsmanship because of the above factors and is well documented.

Isaac Lincoln and Mary Ward (Bashere) Lincoln did raise a "substitute
son" he was the son of Daniel Stover, Sr. and Pheobe Ward Stover. His
name was William Lincoln Stover and he was their oldest child. William
Lincoln Stover married Sarah Murry Drake and they were the parents of
another Daniel Stover. This Daniel Stover became a Colonel in the civil
war. Colonel Stover married Mary Johnson. Mary Johnson was the
daughter of President Andrew Johnson.

Mordacci Lincoln (who lived in Greene County, Tennessee) the brother of
Isaac Lincoln taught Andrew Johnson to read and write. Colonel Daniel
Stover was killed in the Civil War. A few years thereafter while
visiting his widowed (but remarried) daughter who continued to live in
the old Lincoln Stover house at the foot of Lynn Mountain in Carter
County, Tennessee, President Johnson died in that house. President
Andrew Johnson was Vice President under Abraham Lincoln.

Colonel Daniel Stover is buried in the old Fitzsimmons Cemetery beside
William Fitzsimmons a brother-in-law who had married a sister of Sarah
Murry Drake. I visited this rundown cemetery this past summer. Many
grave stones are still legible. Isaac and Mary Ward Lincoln are buried
on the property where there old home stood. The small
cemetery is behind a house that a faces the Watauga River in Lynn
Valley. I have visited the cemetery many times over the years and the
two grave stones a now barely legible.
William F. Fitzsimmons was my GG Grandfather.

Abraham Lincoln was never interested in geneology. If you read carefully
you will see that he was continuoulsy pestered by that man for
information about his family. He barely recalled where his uncle Isaac
Lincoln lived, and there are indications that Abraham Lincoln may have
visited Carter County once with his parents when he was young. There
are also notes that say that Abraham Lincoln may have been born on the
Lincoln Farm and left with his parents when six months old. (According
to my old maid aunt Nancy Hanks was the daughter of Elisabeth Carriger)
and that Nancy Hanks is the mother of Abraham Lincoln.

Food for thought........the possibility DOES EXIST.

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