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From: "Philip Richards" <>
Subject: Re: [WEDGWOOD FAMILY] Roll Call 2009
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 03:07:33 +0100
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Hi All

Like John Cotton, I too have a copy of The Wedgwood Pedigrees - time for a
new edition though! My copy of Ormerod's Cheshire is far too big and heavy
to live on a shelf; so it sits beside my computer on the floor. A truly
'Magnum Opus' if ever there was one - an excellent reference tome, but
spoilt by annoying discrepancies between the different trees therein, where
the details of the same individual often vary according to which chapter you
read. There is one man who is reputed to have vied with Methuselah by
surviving to 150 ! Pull the other one - it's got bells on.

The Wedgwood Family History of 1908 is another gem in my collection and
includes many transcripts of Wills that are invaluable in proving the early
links. Wedgwood Pedigrees builds on this by adding more - but the two books
are best read together.

I, like our new member Davina Ransom, descend from Kezia LEDWARD
(1775-1840), the daughter of Thomas LOVATT by his marriage of 1754 to
Catherine WEDGWOOD the daughter of Dr Thomas WEDGWOOD (1695-1737). As all
the best WEDGWOOD buffs know, Dr Thomas married his second cousin Catherine
WEDGWOOD (1690-1757), so Davina and I share a DOUBLE descent from the main
progenitors Gilbert WEDGWOOD (1588-1678) and his wife Margaret BURSLEM

I am assiduously collecting together details of ALL WEDGWOODs anywhere. I
have just upgraded my Ancestry subscription to 'Worldwide' so that I can
better do this.

Philip Richards.

PS. My website at is proving much too popular now. My
free-hosters only permit 100MB of downloads each month from visitors before
'pulling the plug'. My April allocation has already been exceeded - so it
will be off-line, like a phoenix, until 1st May.

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> Cumberland Wedgwoods
> I'm descended from Ann Gibson Wedgwood, daughter of Philip Wedgwood and
> wife
> of coal-miner Joseph Thompson, who came to USA shortly after 1881.
> Have a copy of the Wedgwood Pedigrees, and a three volume set of Omerod's
> Cheshire (I'm saving that on the shelf for my retirement).
> John Wedgwood Cotton
> Russellville, Arkansas, USA
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